The Catanese Riveria, a refreshing swim in the Ionian Sea, and the return of Kyle's girlfriend!

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Beach Day!

I got up and was greeted by a peppy Claudia (she is always peppy). I have a wonderful breakfast of cereal, fruit, juice, yogurt, and a tasty pastry. This is the way it is every day here.....fantastic!

I get a text from Ken and Kyle telling they are on their way to meet me at Piazza Doumo, so we can catch our bus to the beach. It's been so very hot, we are very excited to go and get out of the city and get in the cool water and feel a nice breeze! It takes us only 10 minutes or so to get to the beaches, however, we really dont know what stop to take. Ken suggested the first one.......and we should have taken it. We decided to wait on my suggestion. We ended up at what looked like the white trash end of this really nice bech. We try to get into one of the many beach clubs. He wants a ticket. We don't have one. He calls soneone...because he really can't speak English well. Eventually he tells us just to go on through and to the left along the shore. So....that's what we do. We walk and walk and walk, looking for a nice spot with nice views of the water and nice views of the locals. We settle on a nice spot, not too crowded, and a nice ratio of girls and guys for eye candy for everyone involved. With the breeze, it didn't feel as oppressive....this was a great idea. We take turns getting in and cooling off....going for a swim....just hanging out by the waters edge. One person always stayed with our things so they were safe. There were peole selling every sort of necklace and sunglasses cold water, coconut, hats...whatever you needed or not....even henna tatoos. Ken couldnt resist and got a henna tattoo of a scorpion on his left shoulder. He went in the water a bit later and we were all impressed didn't wash off. Ken and I floated in the water and took in the wonderful views of the city in the distance with huge Mt. Etna in the background.....steam drifting from the top. It was a sight. I am so lucky to be able to see this! I take this moment to appreciate it.

Hot, hungry, and parched, we gather our things and head for the street to find food but, not before snapping a few shots of some hotties that had just layed down to catch some sun. Italians love skimpy swimsuits....gotta love it!

On our walk out to the street, I had not put my sandals back on and I should know in my foot.....and I'm a bleeder. I get a tissue from Ken and wipe it off as much as possible so it doesn't look like an attempted mafia hit.

We walk down to a self serve cafeteria like place and found a passable meal. Ken and Kyle had baked zitti I had an anitpasti platter. Kyle had broccolli but, it looked like it had been put through a blender....not appetizing...and from what he said not tasty. We finished and went out to catch the bus back to Catania city center. The bus came and we got on and no one asked for money. This was also the case for our trip Im not sure if it was supposed to be...but it was.

Arriving near the Piazza Duomo we parted and made plans to have dinner later. I came back to the B&B to work on the blog and tend to my hurt foot. I get inside, turn on my a/c and chill for a bit. I work on the blog and text Ken find out the where and when for meeting for dinner. We settle on 7:30 pm. I relax a bit in the common area, the balcony doors feels really nice with a breeze.

I head out to meet the group (Ken, Kyle, Jerry, and Dana). We are going to a restaurant that they have eaten at each time they are in Catania but, have difficulty finding it each time. I understand as I have the same problem with a certain chocolate shop in Brussels. We weave through many many narrow streets and alleyways for 30 minutes or so. Along the way Ken tells me off he and Kyle's running into Kyles "girl friend" from the other day. She actually pulled her skirt down and showed her bare butt to Ken as Kyle was looking away for a moment. Wow......really strange! Suddenly we have arrived....wherever that is. We really don't know but, we are there. It is a little place where the son is waiting on us and cooking along with his mother.......what could be better. Dinner is good. The portions are very large. I have a simple fussili with tomato sauce and some grilled zuchini and eggplant.

After dinner they all head on for drinks. I say my good byes and go back to my room. I need to pack and get to sleep earlyish so I am rested for my early bus trip to Palermo.

Thanks Ken, Kyle, Jerry, and Dana for the good company and for sharing your time with me. I had fun.

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photo by: Traveling_Brian