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The night was not bad at all. Although I am prone to seasickness, it did not affect me this time. The sickness on the ship is still spreading. I have heard of numerous people confined and quarantined in their cabins, some for 24 hours, some for up to 4 days! This isn’t affecting me either! Many people are not happy with the cruise. I’m having a fine time. I would have liked it a bit warmer but I’m dressed properly so it is not a big issue. It is warmer today than it has been and nice and sunny too.

We arrived in Busan South Korea around 9 am. There were some dancers performing for us on the pier. As we got off the ship we were given souvenir magnets, which was very nice to receive something without wanting anything in return! I took the shuttle bus into the drop off location near a fish market.

I am learning. I took a picture of the sign for the market so I could show the taxi where I wanted to be let off on the way back. Always thinking ahead I am! Actually, someone else gave me that tip.

I caught a taxi and showed him the map and asked for the Elsuk-do Bird Sanctuary. He understood, I understood and we were off again for Sally’s big adventure in Korea. When he left me there on the street, I didn’t know which way to go so I just started walking. Even the compass wasn’t a big help. Of course with my marvelous sense of direction, I went the wrong way. But I was finding birds so I was happy. It looked to be the water company property which is not unusual for a bird sanctuary to be affiliated with them. I wandered to a corner where there was a guard. I asked if I could go past him and he asked what I was doing.

I explained but I was getting the feeling I was in the wrong place. He would have let me in but he hesitated. They were expecting a “very important visitor”. I guess it wasn’t me. I never did find out who it was. But he pointed me in the right direction and I finally was going toward my desired destination.


I found the office to the bird sanctuary which had a map, in Korean of course. I had a poor printout in English from the internet but I was under the impression that I could walk in a loop. I walked down a road that was right next to the river and found lots of ducks and seabirds.

After I had walked quite a ways, I thought I was supposed to turn right. I came to a point in the road where left it said “Danger” then a bunch of Korean, and to the right was a gated building that had an open gate. So I turned right. Then I got lost. I wandered a bit farther but I knew that I needed to turn right again. The only place I could see was a bridge that had big red blockades and a funky little sign with a hand held up, like stop. So thinking maybe this was the way (yeah right) I climbed over the blockades. I was halfway across the bridge when a man on a bike came out of nowhere blowing a whistle. I was busted. We chatted in charades and I climbed back over the barricades and went back to where I turned. I turned to the right to continue on the road. I found the bird observation platform, but still thinking I could do a loop, I tried to find a way around.
This of course consisted of opening a gate that wasn’t locked and walking a bit more until it ended. No way through. In the end, I realized that I had to backtrack just the way I came. All in all, it was a very nice walk, nice weather and quite a few species of birds.

I took a taxi back to the shuttle bus stop by showing the picture to the driver. Worked like a charm! I went to the fish market. It was full of incredibly weird stuff. Live conger eels about the size of a small snake, all kinds of “seafood”, octopi, squid, fish, a kind of mollusk that turns inside out and becomes red, round and thorny looking. Fresh fish, dried fish, I have never seen so many fish! Thousands and thousands of dried fish. I have no idea what they did with them. I returned by the shuttle bus to the ship, ordered dinner through room service and went to bed.

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photo by: yasuyo