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This was a special meet up that Boyd had planned specifically for the new members and the shy people who dared not join in the fun Fridays. Boyd had compiled a list of all the members who have joined, yet never once RSVP'd as 'YES' for any event..... EVER.... So he emailed them all and asked why they would sign up, yet never show up. The one answer that seemed to be most common, was that people don't know anyone in the group and were a little nervous to show up by themselves to a bar or restaurant, not knowing anyone. Well he did it! He put together the largest gathering in Tucson for SAAC with over 200 members attending.

He send out an invite to all those who were new, don't know anyone, shy, or just an introvert, to come on out and meet us. This Happy Hour was especially for the new and shy. Boyd recruited the more outgoing people in our cadre to come out and assist in introducing the new people around. He was at the top of the stairs on the top floor of the Bum Steer from 5:30 to 7:30, and had at least one of his trusty assistant there with him at all times.  Boyd is not easy to miss; he is a big man; tall with longer hair.


I can not begin to describe the inside of this “burger restaurant”. I have been to Bun Steers twice, all with my SAAC group members for a happy hour organized for new members.

Right after I returned from the Amsterdam meet-up in January, Boyd decided to welcome more new members to the group, the meet-up was a happy hour at Bum Steers. It is located on N Stone Avenue right close to the University of Arizona. It is well known for the tradition of burger and beer for the University students and believe me when I say, there is no bar in Tucson that has the same interior design that this restaurant has. The restaurant was formerly under a different management, but was reopened early in the year under new management who did quite a job refurbishing the bar, restaurant and utilities with all kinds of art on the wall especially world war II decorations. It actually looks like a jungle with so much “junk”, rubbish, the British would say. Bum Steers has a history with the University of Arizona, since it's opening in 1974, the famous half-pound burgers have fed college students on a budget with penny worth beer glasses to accompany the burgers.

I guess for someone with a weird taste, it amounts to crazy art: license plates, giant buffalo, a bike hanging from the roof, a stair case that lead to the top floor feels like you are being led to a guillotine. I did not eat as I came after dinner but I did drink, their drinks were reasonably priced , I paid $4.00 for my glass of Barcardi gold and cola. Mike and Joe ordered burgers and fries, the food looked impressive, but Joe commented on how bad it tasted (I was glad I did not order one). After about an hour of socializing, Andrew managed to drag me to dinner and I ended up eating a plate of well made barbequed pork (delicious)! The service was incredible (not sure if it was because of the group we brought in), nonetheless it was fast and delicious. So I guess if you refrain from ordering the burger for which they are famous, you might have a great experience there. My plate was only $8.00 which by all means is cheap. The second floor of the restaurant has an open area with room to entertain families with children, there is a play arcade with games for children.

Great place to watch some games and lets the kids play in the arcade. It is a great place for families, friends, large groups but definitely not for a date.  The rest of the evening was a blast; I stayed for about an hour and left as I was still feeling the jet lug from my Holland trip that ended only two days earlier.

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photo by: walterman9999