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Today we visited my uncle Troy in Cornville, which is just over the hill from Sedona. We met him at a little restaurant called the Grasshopper Grill, which was actually quite a wonderful little establishment. Troy is a regular there, so he knew the lady that was serving us and she joked and laughed with us while we were there. The food was really good. After lunch, we had a couple drinks at the bar while watching old Mike Tyson fights on the bar TV, which was hilarious.

It was really fun to see my uncle and his amazing vintage Harley is really cool. We went over to his work after the Grasshopper Grill to see what he does for a living.
He makes really amazing furniature out of pieces of natural wood.  (
We saw where he works, which is a delightful little area that has turkeys...yes, turkeys, running around, as well as roosters and chickens. He has a big yard full of wood and supplies, lots of cool equipment and machines as well. He told us of a winery and of a gallery in Sedona that features his work, so it was interesting visiting those places after seeing where he works and looking at them on display.

The winery was's in Cornville (I will write a review of it soon, keep checking back). We decided to do a little wine tasting while we were there and were very pleasantly surprised at the deliciousness of the wine. We ended up buying a couple of bottles.

After the winery, we returned to Sedona and did a little hiking (in my flip flops, mind you, which was not was an impromptu hike) and saw some spectacular views. The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping in town for various things, including a book about the cliff dwellings that I was very happy to find, since I am apparently a nerd like that. At sunset, we went up to a lookout point near the airport that was quite crowded with people, but offered us a spectacular view of the sun setting over Sedona, a beautiful way to end our trip.

Tomorrow is time to leave, and I am very sad. I could stay in Sedona all summer, or even all year, if I was allowed to.'s back to reality and back to work with me....sigh.
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