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Norwood and I visited Slide Rock today. My impressions of it are that it is a very touristy place, perhaps the most touristy place that I have visited in Sedona so far. However, I didn't care that it was so crowded and touristy because it was FUN!
The water was absolutely freezing and shocking to get into at first, but after the initial shock it was fine. The creek rushes you along, down a little path that is similar to a slide and is very fun. It is not as slippery as I thought it was going to be in certain places, making it so that the slider must at times scoot along, but that is also fun. Then again, there are areas of the creek where it is so slippery that I was sliding around, clawing at the rocks in my feeble attempt to go in one direction when the creek obviously wanted me to go in a different direction, ultimately causing me to run into people.

Nobody seems to care when you run into them because they understand how impossible it is to control the direction of your own body in these areas, and everybody just laughs it off.

I had a great time here, going down the slides and playing in the icy waters. One word of warning, however: If you go to Slide Rock, there are 2 main areas that are right next to each other where people slide. Just after these areas there is a little area with a small waterfall that looks like a good time after you have been sliding down the regular way. DON'T DO IT! I tried it, and right as I began to go over the waterfall I noticed some rocks straight down below, just in time for me to regret my decision but much too late to do anything about it. I banged up my leg on the rocks and got a huge bruise (and I'm lucky I just got that!).
I turned around and saw Norwood about to follow me and gestured wildly for him to stop, which he did.

Other than this little waterfall of doom, slide rock is amazing. There are areas that you can jump off of the cliffs into the water as well. There is an area where you will see everybody jumping off into the water, and I encourage you to try it. For the more adventurous bunch, if you walk over to just below the bridge you will see another area that is considerably higher up where people are also jumping off into the creek. It is about a 25 foot drop. I was too chicken to do it, but Norwood did. Just make sure to tuck in your legs when you hit the water because it is only about 10 feet deep there. The hardest thing about this area is getting back up the steep rock climb that follows the jump, so don't do it if you have a hard time climbing rocks.

While we were there, we also saw this beautiful crazy huge butterfly that so graciously touched down right next to us and posed for pictures and videos for about 15 minutes. I have included those pictures with this journal entry.

After Slide Rock we went back to the tiny house for a little while to change and take warm showers in an effort to defrost ourselves. We then headed back out into the great outdoors and went for a wonderful hike over in the canyon near the cliff dewllings. I was excited about the cliff dwellings, and Norwood thought I was a nerd for being excited about them. He is decidedly unimpressed by them, but I think they are really cool.
We climbed around on some rocks, having a good time until I discovered a shedded snake skin and got freaked out about snakes.
After that, everything looked like a snake to me...twisty twigs, or areas by the path in the bushes that snakes might be became a treacherous journey through snake land because I have the uncanny ability to completely psyche myself out.

It was getting dark at this point anyway, so we headed back to the car so we could go out to dinner at Tilapecaque.

After dinner, I didn't want to go in just yet, but everything is closed in Sedona at night except for bars and restaurants. Still, we went out in search of something that was open. We did find one little tourist shop that happened to be open, so we went inside. I ended up buying another miniature kachina doll (because I love them!). The guy who worked at the store was talking to us and we told him we were from California.
That prompted him to tell us about his recent trip to California in which he visited Disneyland, his favorite place on Earth. He then launched into a discussion about how he is a collector of Disney memorabilia and is the world's foremost Disney trivia know-it-all, apparently. He is obsessed with all things Disney and even once won a trip to Euro Disney. It's interesting the people you meet. Anyway, he gave us his card in case we ever came accross any Disney memorabilia that anybody wants to sell. A nice guy, but definitely more into it than I am.

Anyway, that was our day....quite eventful, if you ask me.
I took some videos at Slide Rock...I'll have to get them uploaded and linked one of these days :)
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Climbing at Slide Rock
Jump! at Slide Rock
Butterfly at Slide Rock
Butterfly at Slide Rock
Slide Rock
Slide Rock
Slide Rock
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