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It is already mid-week, which makes me somewhat sad, as I know that this journey is already half over. Today was AWESOME! We went on a helicopter!!!!!!!!! I have never been on one before in my life and it was AMAZING. I got to sit in the front, and the whole time I was as giddy as a school child on the day before summer vacation. Our pilot took us over the red rocks and around to see some of the pueblo cliff dwellings in the area, which is something I never would have seen if not from a helicopter view. The whole experience was amazing, and I loved every minute of it. Being in a helicopter is surprisingly smooth. It’s not like being in a plane, where there is all the takeoff and landing drama. You just gently lift off the ground and you are in the air! The views from the helicopter were incredible, and the experience was unlike anything I have ever had before.
I have ALWAYS wanted to go in a helicopter and now that I’ve done it once I want to do it again and again and again!

The company that does the helicopter rides also does bi-plane rides. Norwood and I want to do that one next time we are in Sedona.

After the helicopter ride, we went over to the Javelina Cantina, a Mexican food place in town that was recommended to us by Tom who worked at the airport, and it did not disappoint. Being from Southern California, I know good Mexican food, and this place was quite delicious.

Right now I am just sitting here typing up my journal, wondering what new and exciting adventures the week will bring. I think I may go try and find an internet hot spot at this point, so I can upload the documentation of my adventure so far.
I will be writing more!!! Stay tuned ☺

Later in the evening...

Later in the evening…

After the helicopter adventure, we spent quite a while relaxing back in our tiny house, as Norwood and I so affectionately refer to it. I felt inspired to paint, so I sat at the dinner table with my little watercolor canvas board and painted from a picture I had taken earlier of Cathedral Rock. It came out quite well, I think. I gave the finished painting to Norwood, because I still had not given him an anniversary present and I thought that this would be a nice one, as it was both a nice souvenir from our trip as well as a thoughtful hand-made present. (I’m not smug about my awesome gift at all).
Norwood did a few sketches when I was doing my painting, including a sketch of me sitting at the table and painting (he did not, at this time, know that the painting was to be a gift for him).

After a while we got ourselves out of the house and set off to explore a bit.
First we went to the coffee shop/wi-fi hot spot to have some refreshing beverages and to download the newest software update for our iPhones. How adventurous of us. After that, we saw a little bagel shop and had a couple of bagels and cream cheese for dinner.
Since we didn’t really have a plan, and really just wanted to get out an about, we headed towards Jerome, since it is a neat little town that Norwood had not seen before. It was a bit late and it was getting dark, so I worried that nothing would be actually open in Jerome except for bars and restaurants once we got there, but it didn’t matter much at the time, I just wanted to explore a bit and to show Jerome to Norwood.

We drove up to Jerome, through Cottonwood, and up the steep and winding road. It was dark by the time we got there, and as I figured, nothing was open except for bars and a couple of restaurants. The emptiness in this dark little mountainside town gave it a creepy quality, and Norwood tried to scare me by telling me stupid one-liner ghost stories, or by talking about how we would fall off of the cliff in our car.
Since nothing was open, we just did a little drive-through of Jerome and then headed back down the mountain to go back to Sedona. Amazingly, the speed limit was 50 on this steep, narrow winding mountain road. We were surprised that anybody would even dare to go 50 on this road, let alone to have the town set the speed limit at that.

As we drove back into Sedona, we started seeing these vans slowly following cyclists down the road, all the way into Sedona.
The vans had big signs on the back of them that read “Caution: Cyclist ahead”. We wondered what was going on, but then one of the vans/cyclists that we passed had an additional big sign on the back of it that read “Oceanside to Annapolis”. This was particularly interesting to Norwood and me because we happen to live in Oceanside and we were wondering what this crazy cross-country cycling event that started in the town that we live in was all about. I cheered out the window at one of the cyclists that was with what Norwood and I referred to as the “party van”, as the van following her was playing loud music and was having what looked like a small party as they slowly followed her down the road. She smiled and waved at us as we cheered for her. Up the road, we decided to get a closer look at the van that said “Oceanside to Annapolis”, as we were still unsure that we had read the sign correctly, so we parked and walked to the street corner to wait for him to pass again.
When he did, we were assured that we had indeed read the sign correctly: these crazy cyclists were riding across the entire country, coast to coast. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m into cycling, too…but the thought of cycling 3,000+ miles is a bit hardcore for me. Kudos to them.

After stalking the cyclists, we stopped at a very strange bar to have a few drinks. It had a sign on the outside of the building that read “Video Dance Party”. Upon reading this sign, we almost didn’t go in because of how lame that sounded, but we decided that we were already there and what the hell, why not. This is how I found myself sitting at a bar, which was in every way a dive, watching Lady Gaga and Prince music videos on large flat screen TVs while sipping gin and tonics.
The funniest thing about it all was the one TV that had regular programming on it. There was a program about some baseball player hanging out with his family, with flashing images of his 2-year-old child. On the screen right next to it were images of shaking asses in tight, short clothing. I am so glad I went to this bar because I don’t think I have laughed so hard in all my life.

Once I had decided that I better stop drinking because I didn’t want to have a hangover, we decided to leave the bar. From there, we drove out onto a dark, quiet road so that we could catch a nice glimpse of the stars. We parked out in the middle of nowhere and turned off the lights to the car, went outside, and leaned back on the hood of the car, looking up. It was a new moon so the stars were particularly spectacular.
We stared at the for a while, discussing the way that people used to use the stars to navigate, as well as the patheticness of the night sky back in Southern California, until my mind wandered and I started to freak myself out.
I thought about snakes, and how snakes live in the desert. Then I thought about how snakes like warm things and how the car had been running and was therefore a warm thing. Then I thought about snakes coming from all around to bask in the warmth of our car, right where we were. That was when I decided it was time to get back in the car.

Upon our arrival back at the tiny house, Norwood and I got in the car and drove over to a spot at the resort where the internet works. We went over to finish updating our iPhones, as well as a little browsing and general checking up on things.
It is, of course, odd for two people to be sitting in a car in a parking lot in the middle of the night, so the security guard for the resort came over to check up on what was happening. We saw him coming and rolled down the window to explain. When we told him we were there to use the internet, he immediately understood, as he gets this sort of thing all the time. We ended up chatting to the security guy for a long time, and he told us his life story, everything from how difficult it was for him and his wife to refinance their home in this economic climate to what it is like being a graveyard shift security guard at a resort (it’s pretty mellow, except sometimes you get destructive drunk people who are a pain in the ass). We did find out, from chatting with him, that you can go on one or two-week white water rafting trips down the Colorado River, through the Grand Canyon, as he and his wife apparently did such a trip recently.

All in all, good times.

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Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
Pueblo Cliff Dwellings
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