Going to Europe: Spring Break 2009

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I forget lol

So, for Spring Break 2009, one of the Spanish teachers at my high school, Mrs. Shen, took a bunch of foriegn language students to Europe.  We were going to London, Paris, and Berlin.  We all met at the airport at 0900, and we were supposed to leave at 1145, but the plane was delayed until 1920, so all twenty-thirty odd of us sat in the airport for ten hours waiting on our flight.  Finally, we get to ATL, and we've missed all the flights to London, so we have to stay in a hotel.  We get into the shuttle that'll take us there, with ten other people.  So there's about forty people in this shuttle, smaller than the ones at Disney World.  The next day we get on our flight to London, and my seat wont recline.  I wait for the seat belt light to go out and then I got up to look for a different seat, and the stewardess yells at me to sit down!  I told why I was moving, and she yelled at me again!  So I sat down, and was stuck at a ninety degree angle for twelve hours.  Anyway, I ended up having to use the bathroom, and I got up to look for it, and right when I stood up, that same chick yelled at me again, I was like "I gotta pee!" and she yelled at me sit down again, so I did.  Then dinner time rolls around and we have the choice of either pasta or chicken, and I asked for the pasta, but that same jerk stewardess gives me the chicken and I was like, "What if I was alergic to that?" and she was all, "Just eat it!" and I was already pissed by this time, so of course I didnt drop it.  "What if I was a Vegan or a Vegitarian?" and she rolled her eyes and and was like, "I really wouldnt care."  So I said, "Then you're predgidice against people who care about our planet?!You're really great!" And she was all like, "You're so immature!" and I told her, "I'm seventeen, I'm suppossed to be immature, what's you're excuse?" and she was like, "I'm not immature!" And I said, "No, you're just a jerk!  What, is it because of menopause?!" And she gets all offended and says, "No, I'm only thirty!" So I say, "Gee, you sure fooled me!  And besides, some chicks hit menopause early, are you predgidice against them too?!"... it was a long flight to say the least....

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I forget lol
I forget lol
photo by: b93sp