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air canada jazz

Today is my first day of my trip. This blog everyone so you know is me recalling back to 2006. So 3 years of recall to this time. I decided to upgrade all my travbuddys so enjoy.

This trip is my 2nd time to Europe, going with Company called Contiki for Holidays for people aged 18 to 35. A great company and great trips.
The countries I am going to are Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Belarus, Poland and Germany.

So today is the first day of my blog. I am to fly from Canada and fly as my final destination Copenhagen, Denmark.

I arriving to the airport in Thunder Bay for my first leg of my flight with Air Canada to get to Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
I find out my plane is an hour late due to mechanical problems and have to wait for another plane to be flown in.

hostal in Copehagen
So I am stuck in Thunder Bay Airport for an extra hour and half.

Finally I board my plane to fly to Toronto, VIA Air Canada Jazz. On route to Toronto, I am reward with a nice bag of trail mix and a small glass of pop, my celebration feast.

We land into Toronto at Toronto Pearson International Airport. Now here is the long part. I have now about a 6 hour layover till I can board my other Air Canada flight to get to Copenhagen. Long wait, but at least I am on my first part of my journey.

So to waste some time, I try to eat go eat a sandwich and pop in the airport eating places and have a bag of chips.
Listen to some music and read the newspaper and figure out my plans for Denmark.

Finally about 5 hours later, I find out my plane is gonna be 2 hours delayed, so  I have another 2 hours in Toronto Airport.
Our official Coach for the Scandi tour

All well.

Finally around 10pm that night, my plane is ready to go and I board.
Its a larger Air Canada Airbus and its full of people.  This flight is not my last flight, I fly this one to London, England to Heathrow Airport then transfer again to SAS airlines to get to Denmark, so alot more  travel for me.

The on board movies I can not remember but the meal was ok, a choice of either Fish or chicken, I choose chicken. It was like eating a picnic almost, with all the miniature servings of everything, felt like I was in kindergarten again.

So I use my pillow and blanket and go to sleep for rest of the 7.5 hour flight to London.

Finally in morning we land in London, Heathrow, unfortuantely cause the flight was 2 hours late in leaveing I barely have enough time to get to my other plane.
At time of landing I have less then an hour to get to my other gate and as well, I have to go to other side of the airport!
So I get off the plane and run around the airport, I have to pass through security again and a passport check.

I check my pass and the gate # is 200. So I run all the way! to Gate 200 only to find its not my gate #. I check the board there and my gate is actually #3!!!
So I run all the way back to #3 and I make it onto my plane just about as door was about to close. That was the closet I gotten to missing the flight.

I get to my seat on SAS airlines and fly it easy to Denmark. After landing, I have to set my clock ahead over 7 hours so now its late afternoon.

I get off plane and pass through immigration really easy, the border guard just looked at my passport and stamped it without looking.

I grab my bags and take to a taxi outside to get to my hostal. Being in Denmark the currency is the Danish Kroner to which my fare is about 200 kroner, I believe. I arrive at my hostal.  The Belaegningen Youth Hostel Avedoreiejren in outskirts of Copenhagen.

I go to my room and am greeted by someone else who is going to be on my Contiki tour, another Canadian guy named Shelton.

I will continue this blog on (b) of Day 1 stay tuned.

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trippin_jen says:
congratulations on being featured! :)
Posted on: Apr 01, 2013
aswold says:
Wow, you upgraded us! Thanks :)Sounds like day 1 was hectic.
Posted on: Jun 15, 2009
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air canada jazz
air canada jazz
hostal in Copehagen
hostal in Copehagen
Our official Coach for the Scandi …
Our official Coach for the Scandi…
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