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Real del Monte o Mineral del Monte, Hidalgo is one of the first Pueblos Mágicos of México that I visited. I went with a friend when we were at Pachuca. Real del Monet is about 30 minutes from Pachuca, so if you are ever on Pachuca, you should take a day to visit Real del Monte. It is a small town that used to be the most rich town in silver mining of Mexico, so you will find lots of silver jewelery and stuff. Walking through the town's main street you can find lots of stores of souvenirs, silver, clothes, etc. The town has a park downtown where some parades and events are held through the year. The day we were there was none in special. We used a map that we asked for in a big building in front of the park and checked out the nearest mine. It was a 1-2km more or less walk and I got tired, there are some small buses that take you from downtown real del monte to this mine, I didn't know that at that moment! Just before arriving to the mine there are some kids selling rocks and stuff made from metals from the mine.
The mine tour was quite interesting. It is given by men who used to work in the mine years ago, and the know what every tool or machine around is for. I don't remember how much it costs but it was not much, around two dollars or so. They give you a helmet for protection and take you inside the actual mine and explain you how it used to be, the process of mining and the tools they used. It is kind of cold inside the mine! The whole tour is about an hour, truly interesting and enjoyable.
After the tour we went back to downtown, this time we took the bus ride, much better. On our way to take the bus back to Pachuca, I bought this drink that was served in a pineapple called La Piña Minera. It was a mix of rum, vodka, tequila and fruit juice inside a carved through pineapple. It was delicious! I recommend it!
All in all is a nice small town with some history and being inside a mine is a truly memorable experience.
martv says:
Real del Monte sounds really interesting. One of my traveling goals is going to all the Pueblos Mágicos, so far I've been to only three though.
Posted on: Nov 15, 2009
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Real del Monte