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The Zoo was a good time. As we went with a couple of people who do NOT live in San Diego....we did the WHOLE Zoo in one day. If you haven't been to the San Diego Zoo before, one thing that will strike you when you do finally go is how much WALKING and HILLS is involved! Now, don't get me wrong...I'm on a personal mission to get all buff this summer, and although walking around at the zoo certainly doesn't add to my buffness, it does a pretty good job at blasting a gazillion calories. So, the zoo is a recommended destination for those who want to burn some serious calories. If you aren't interested in burning calories, you can always pay to do the bus tour...but then again, I've never really been the guided tour type, so I couldn't tell you how that is.

Anyway, we had an awesome time at the zoo. It was pride weekend in San Diego so they were having a gay pride party in the zoo later on in the day. It sounded, from the music that was pumping out of that area, like the party was a good time. Anyway, the cool thing about that was that Jenelle and I met these 2 guys who were going to the party while we were waiting for the little coin operated foot massage thing. They were cool guys, and they gave us their free meal vouchers that came with their admission to the party. Awesome! Since Jenelle and I are not made out of money, we were STOKED to get dinner for free!
A word of wisdom, however....choose the Gardenburger over the cheese pizza...because the cheese pizza kind of sucked, while the Gardenburger was scrumptious.

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Hooray! Jenelle was able to get the day off of work, and along with Laura, will be coming down here today to go to the Zoo...or the Wild Animal Park, I don't think we've decided yet.
I'm so excited! Then they are going to spend the night. More on it later...I'll blog about it with some pictures after the fact.

They are on their way right now, should be here in less than an hour  :)
HeatherHop says:
It really is awesome!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2009
world-traveller123 says:
I was here many years ago. It is still my favourite zoo in the world.
Posted on: Jul 31, 2009
San Diego
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