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I spent the weekend in L.A., hanging out with my aunts who live there. Mostly it was a family visiting type of trip, lots of eating in and hanging around at the apartment...but we did venture out a few times in to the great, wild, urban jungle to have some fun.
We went to this one club, and for some reason I can't for the life of me remember the name of it, so I apologize for that. It's in the North Hollywood area, where they live. I wasn't too into going out that night because I was really tired, but I ended up having a great time once we got there. This club played good music and I found myself wanting to dance, but the best part of all was the hilarious old man with 4 young girls. They were obviously his "dates", as he was buying them drinks and they were all over him. We had many theories about what might have been going on there...and I will take this opportunity to express how OLD this man was....think grandpa. So anyway, he had these young ladies with him. We were thinking....porn industry? rich guy? My aunt seemed to think he was this one producer who is known for hiring expensive escorts. Who knows?
Anyway, so one of the girls was dubbed "the 80's chick", because she had 80's hair, 80's clothes, the whole 9 yards. She was a good dancer, and was choreographing all over the dance floor. It was entertaining at first, but began to get annoying, so I decided to have a "dance-off" with her. Mind you, I am not a really good dancer, but I do pride myself on my hilarious moves, such as "the shopping cart", "the sprinkler head", "the fax machine", "the prance", and "the lawnmower", among many others. So I danced at her all night. My aunts were laughing so hard I thought they were going to die. I was dying of laughter, too.

So anyway, that was my evening. Hi-larious. Other things that I did while in L.A. included making papier mache stuff, and checking out my aunt Susan's apartment complex (she doesn't live there, she is the leasing manager there). It's called the Metropolitan, and it's on Sunset Blvd. in Hollywood....awesome high-end loft apartments. We took some pictures that I will post here of the awesome apartments and their incredible views.

I also visited a cool church in North Hollywood because Trish wanted to take some pictures there.

God times.
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