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What a perfect day! This morning I slept in, crawled out of bed at a leisurely pace, and then went out to breakfast (although it was after noon by this point, so it was more like lunch) at the St. Tropez Bistro in Encinitas. I had the Vegetarian Sandwich on the whole wheat baguette with a side salad and it was delicious. Norwood had the Prosciutto, pesto, tomato, and cheese sandwich, which he enjoyed very much as well.
I decided to check out the prices on surfboards at the little surf shop next to the bistro, because I have been thinking about buying a longer board to help me surf easier, as my short board is too difficult for a beginner like me. I was going to just price them out, because I thought I wouldn't be able to get one for less than $400, but I was pleasantly surprised that the surf shop was having a sale and they had a "learn to surf" package, where you get a soft top longboard, leash, and a rashguard for $225. I couldn't resist to I ended up leaving with a surfboard!

We couldn't fit Norwood, myself, and the surfboard in the car all at the same time (although I do have a soft car rack, it just wasn't with us at the time of purchase), so I stayed in Encinitas while Norwood brought the surfboard home. I just walked around a bit, and ended up walking back down to the meditation gardens at the Self Realization Temple to check out the beautiful ocean view, as well as the koi ponds and waterfalls there. I stayed for a little while, relaxing on a little bench and enjoying the peaceful atmosphere, and then decided to keep walking around. My journey took me north, where I just strolled in and out of shops. I went into the expensive triathlon store and looked at the $10,000 road bikes, I went into a bead store and watched old ladies pick out beads for various arts and crafts they were planning to do, and I searched (in vain) for the really good but impossible to find tea shop I once encountered while I was in Encinitas...or maybe that was just a dream I had, because I have never found it again since.

Norwood arrived back in Encinitas and we went home for a little while to relax. That's what I'm doing right now, but in just a few minutes we're going to go to the beach so I can try out my new surfboard!!!

Later (11:30 pm)

Surfing was awesome, and yet I am reminded of how much I still have yet to learn. No wonder surfers are always in such good shape, as paddling out left me exhausted. I have decided to take surf lessons this summer, as it really is a shame to be living in San Diego, having lived my entire life in Southern California, and still not really know what I'm doing on a surfboard. Shame, shame, shame on me. I'm going to do something about it.

Anyway, I did have a lot of fun out there. Getting into the wetsuit is always an adventure. I get really cold so I have to wear a full suit in the water, but the downside to that is getting the thing on. It fits me very well once it's on, but for some reason getting my feet and hands through and getting the thing pulled all the way up leaves me frustrated and sharp with those around me, namely Norwood...sorry Norwood.
I did manage to get the thing on, however, and set off to the beach to go try out my new board.

I did notice a difference almost immediately in the board, and how much easier it would be (once I stopped struggling with it) to actually stand up and surf on the thing than my short board. Exciting times. Of course, today I did not do any standing up...instead it was more of a frantic flailing, but the important thing is that I was having a good time. No worries, I will eventually get the hang of it.
After "surfing", I took the board in, rode on the boogie board for a little while (just to have a bit of mellow fun that didn't involve struggling for a while), and then sat on the beach for a bit watching both the sun go down and the techniques of the other surfers that were in the water. I watched them intently, trying to unlock the mystery of what makes them able to do it that I am not doing.

After surfing, we went home, showered, changed, and went out for a quick (and really tasty) bite to eat at Noodles and Company, and then spent the rest of the evening hanging out at Barnes and Noble until they kicked us out due to closing.

All in all, a great day.
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