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So much to write about, so little energy to do so with.
Comic Con was an amazing good time, but I am completely Comic-Conned out after going Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday Night (and staying late for drinks, then working during the day), and all day Saturday and Sunday. 
I am falling asleep right now, so I guess I'll just write about the highlights....

Celebrities I saw: Neil Gaiman (whom I yelled at drunkedly in a dark corridor, asking him why he was holding out on all the booze behind his curtained off area...where there was no booze, I was just that loopy), Lou Ferigno, Mark Hamill, Leonard Nimoy, Danny Devito, The bald guy from Myth Busters (whom I high-fived), Thomas Jane, Chris Sanders, and a bunch of other celebrities (some of them actually quite famous), which I am just too ridiculously tired at the moment to remember the names of.

Things I did: Walked around the convention hall, spent way too much money on food and drinks in the Gaslamp District with friends, visited friends at their booths (a lot of my friends are exhibitors at Comic Con), ate and drank some more, got clausterphobic in large groups of people, causing me to nearly freak out and claw at people's eyeballs), walked around looking for freebies, took a nap under the table at one of my friend's booths, saw lots of creepy guys, bought art and shirts, took tons of ridiculous photos.

Odd moments: I got punched in the face by an exhibitor. Yes, that's right. I got the an exhibitor. It was, of course, an accident, but that was yesterday morning and my nose still hurts. I was walking by, pushing through the crowd, just trying to make my way to an area where I wasn't clausterphobic, when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, some exhibitor jackass decided that it was a good idea to use really fast and exadurated hand movements in an attempt at showing somebody which way to go to get in their freebie line.
I happened to be atthe wrong place at the wrong time and got clocked in the face.

I saw a lot of creepy guys. Comic Con is full of them. The creepiest moments were: Some guy creeping around and hiding behind things, trying to take pictures of this girl who was dressed in ho-ey clothes, and some guy asking a very attractive woman who was walking with her 3 year old kid, if he could take a picture of her...she wasn't a celebrity, she wasn't dressed up, nope...she was just a good looking lady who was walking around the convention floor...with her kid. Creepy guys. ugh.

Mostly though, I remember the booze. Comic Con was a time of way too much Sangria. Delicious Sangria. Enjoy some next time you are in the Gaslamp District in San Diego.
I seriously don't think it even matters what restaurant you go to. We went to 5 different places that I ordered Sangria, and each time it was wonderful.

I'm just babbling on and rambling now, because the most important thing to remember about Comic Con is that it leaves you absolutely exhausted...and yes, I worked today. I think I might be getting sick, too. So that sucks.
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