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Hey there folks! Well, I know I've been sending you little updates from my trip as I was over there, but I never really had the time to get in depth due to the fact that I was paying by the minute for the internet over there (except at our friend's place in Leeds, but then I didn't want to just sit on the internet for hours at their house). Anyway, it was a wonderful trip. We went to London, up to Leeds (and a day trip to York) and to Edinburgh. It was all wonderful, apart from the fact that everything cost twice what it would here due to the dollar to pound exchange rate. I won't sit here and list every single place we visited and everything we did, because I think that would not only make for a boring read, but it would also be time-consuming and frankly, I'm pretty tired due to the jetlag still so staying up until 2 in the morning typing out something boring doesn't exactly sound like my idea of a good time.

Anyway, back to the original point....yes, it was a great trip. What I liked the most was the tiny cultural differences that made for hilarious situations. For example, at restaurants in England, they would never drop the check off at the table when you are finished with a have to ask for it. I assume they probably consider it to be rude, which is funny...because people here in the US would just get annoyed and angry if you didn't give them their check. We learned this in time but at first we ended up sitting around for a very long time pondering when they were going to drop off the check. We didn't ask for it at first because we didn't want to be rude (funny how that works) but eventually we did ask for it.
Also, on the tube there is an announcement when you get on and off of the train to "mind the gap between the train and the platform", I didn't think much of it until Norwood and I stumbled across one of those dreadful tourist shops and saw a pair of ladies thong underwear with the underground logo on it, and underneath the logo it said "mind the gap".
..I started laughing hysterically and Norwood came over to ask what was so funny, at which time he also started laughing hysterically.
There were some other funny the hostel we stayed at in Greenwich the first week we were there...the beds were really crappy metal bunk beds that gave me back problems...but it was still fun. What was hilarious were the showers. They had a button that you push (like the ones at public restrooms) where the water runs for a certain amount of time and then shuts off, so I had to keep pushing the button over and over to take a shower. What's better is that the temperature of the water varied wildly and there was no way to change it, the shower chose for you, all you had was the one minute you would be freezing cold and the next you would get scalded.
hilarious. Also at one point the hostel ran out of toilet paper, that was an adventure in and of itself.
Staying with our friends in Leeds was WONDERFUL, especially after being at the hostel. It was comfortable and the was good food and good company. Most of the time in Leeds was just spent lounging around the house watching the World Cup or drinking way too much expensive wine. Who could ask for more?
Edinburgh was the most beautiful city I've ever seen, I highly reccomend it. The best part is that Scottish people are hilarious, so it adds to the ambiance of it all.
After Edinburgh we went back to Leeds to chill for about 4 more days, except for the one day we took a day trip to York, which was cool.
...and then for the Grand Finale....we went back to London and stayed in Notting Hill this time. was fun, we pretty much just wandered around and did whatever struck our fancy, but on the 15th (which was Norwoods and my 2 year anniversary) he popped the Question at St. James park (for more details, check my bulletin). So yeah....holy crap, I'm engaged!!!!! It couldn't be to a better man.
Oh yeah, and I'm horribly Jetlagged....I mentioned that, didn't I?????

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