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Wow, what a crazy past 3 weeks I have had! It's kind of cool to just be at home in pajamas under a blanket right now, because that's something I haven't had the luxury of in weeks!
All craziness aside, the wedding went well, except they kept making us do stuff and as a result I didn't get to say hi to everybody....if you are reading this and you were at the weddding and I didn't get to come around and say hi to you, I'm SO SORRY. I was trying to go around to every table but they kept telling us...you need to cut the cake...NOW NOW NOW!!!!!! So we said all right already and cut the damn cake....then we were going to continue saying hi to everybody and they said.....it's time for your first dance NOW NOW NOW!!!!!!! UGH....so then after the cake and the dance we looked around and tons of people had left because they are lame and had to go home and go to sleep.
What a pain in the ass. Oh well, what can you do?
Anyway, so other than that the wedding went well and was fun. I danced a lot, the band actually turned out to be really awesome, so that was cool.
Our honeymoon was awesome. We went to Venice, Florence, Rome, and Dublin, Ireland.
Dublin was because we had a layover there that ended up turning into a 3 night stay.
It was beautiful...the weather was a bit crazy...it was either as hot as hell or raining...or hailing, sometimes with lightning as well. Still, we had a lot of fun. Like I said it was beautiful and there was so much to do and see.
....and EAT. Despite all the walking, I think I came back fatter because Italian food is so good I couldn't stop eating it. I ate so much food.
Our hotels were REALLY, REALLY nice. We aren't used to staying in nice hotels when we travel. Usually we just stay at some crappy yet comfortable hotel, but these were really nice. It was incredible. Our hotel in Venice had a hand-blown venetian glass chandellier in the room. It was really cool. We were both pretty giddy to be there. Venice was amazing, we just walked around looking at stuff and taking a million pictures because everywhere you look is an opportunity for an amazing picture to be taken. We ate gelatto and went on a gondola ride where we kissed under the bridge of sighs. Legend has it that if you kiss under the bridge of sighs, you will be in love forever.
Venice was surreal. I kept looking around thinking "I can't believe I'm in Venice!"
Our place in Florence was actually an old palace that had been converted into apartments that you can rent out like a hotel. Each suite had been designed by this one Italian guy named Claudio who we met while we were there. Claudio was very happy to see people enjoying the rooms he had designed. The apartment was right near the Pontevecchio (That's the famous bridge with all the little jewelry shops on it). We would cros over the pontevecchio every morning to see things in Florence. We were there the longest, and did pretty much all that there is to do (though we didn't get in to see the David, the line was 3 hours long and we didn't want to wait in it. They do have an exact copy of the David outside though, so we just looked at that).
We found a little pastry shop that sold these crissont things with a hazelnut chocolate center. I can't count how many times I went back to that shop and bought more. We also went grocery shopping and did a lot of our own cooking because our apartment had a kitchen in it. Norwood cooked me a delicious pasta dinner one night, complete with wine and everything.
Our last day in Florence we took the train over to Pisa to see the leaning tower. It was cool, and I'm glad I saw it, but Pisa as a town isn't that great. Stick with florence if you're ever there and strapped for time.
Rome we just stayed in a regular hotel, but even that one was pretty cool. they had breakfast every morning up on a rooftop terrace, and breakfast included cappuccinos every day.
We were right near the Colosseum and the Forum. We threw coins in the Trevy fountain, ate lunch at an outdoor ristorante in the Piazza Nivona, and climbed the Spanish steps. We strolled around the town and checked out the Pantheon. It was awesome.
In Dublin we were also at a very nice hotel. There we pretty much drank Guiness the entire time. Our signtseeing included various pubs and the Guiness factory storehouse, where at the end they give you a free pint of Guiness. We did get to see Trinity College and the book of Kells, as well as a garden show (they are crazy about gardening in the Isles) at Phoenix Park. It was great to hear old Irish people talking about gardening like it was the most important thing in the world, it made me laugh......so I guess we didn't drink Guiness the ENTIRE time.
Well, I also drank baileys and coffee and ate various pub food treats such as fish and chips and other things usually cooked in beer. Ireland is awesome.
We had some problems with our flights, but in the end it was still an AMAZING trip. I even learned to speak a little bit of Italian (I impressed an entire line of old Irish people from our plane that were in line for food with me at the rome airport when I ordered my food entirely in Italian).

That's the short synopsis. I could write an entire novel on my trip, but I won't. Anything I left out that you are curious about, just ask!

Ok, nap time now. Yesterday was a 36 hour day with all the bouncing around accross time zones.
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