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Showdown on the savannah

We found more lions on a dry river bed. Their ribs protruded noticeably, indicating hunger. They acted tired and apathetic, conserving any remaining strength and energy for a kill. With no potential prey in sight - besides us - we continued toward our own snack at the Keekorok Lodge. We exchanged news there of the famished lions with another safari for the location of a recent cheetah sighting.


As we ventured in that general direction, off-road, Scott and I perched atop the Landrover like we were riding shotgun on a stagecoach through the wild, wild west. We scanned dry savanna and scattered brush for the elusive cat. Nearing several giraffe, we noticed that instead of watching us, they held towering eyes on a shallow hillside.

The cheetah
Ed crept the Rover in the direction of their gaze until we spotted the cat laying in the cool shade of green brush. We parked within ten yards of the cheetah and ogled the elegant creature in silent awe. Her graceful lines and markings were dignified, even at rest.


Scott snapped the first picture. Hearing the click of the shutter, the cheetah leapt to its feet with a snarling growl to face us. The hair on our arms stood up. Our hearts pounded as we locked stares with the beast. Adrenalin began pumping when we heard the windows of the Landrover being frantically rolled up beneath us. We remained stunned in fright for several tense moments before the cat galloped to seclusion fifty yards away.


Ed had two Landrovers. His wife Sue was leading a shorter safari to the Masai Mara and they were to rendezvous with our group for a couple of days. We found them roadside between the lodge and our camp. The water pump had failed, rendering their Landrover inoperative. We towed the crippled vehicle to our campsite, thrilled to have visitors. The group included three girls from New Zealand and our old friends Norm and Marge who voiced concern that their safari was being plagued by mishap like their voyage on the cargo dhow to Mombasa. We all got acquainted, related stories of our own safari, and celebrated Dave's twenty-fourth birthday while enjoying White Cap beers around the campfire.

sylviandavid says:
Wow..... what a sighting...
Posted on: May 13, 2013
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Showdown on the savannah
Showdown on the savannah
The cheetah
The cheetah
photo by: wipr