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For some reason it seems that I always manage to get the most hardcore seat on an aircraft. Either I am sitting next to an old lady who is snoring in my ear of some overweight person who manages to steal my seat. This time round I sat behind three people (a 30ish red head chick and two older blokes) who clearly decided it was their mission in life to drink as much grog as possible on the plane.

As soon as I heard the gentalmen on the left exclaimed seriously that bloody marys with a double shot of vodka really got him ready in the mornings I knew I was in for the longest 4hr flight eva hahah. Apart from being repeatedly intrupted in my slumber by the buzzer going off when they ordered more drinks, I had to listen to the lady talk dirty and eventually proceed to lick the guys ears  ewwwww gross (one of the guys could have been her dad). In the middle of the flight we had an emergency (some old guy couldn't breathe) and the trio thought it was time to repeatedly press the service buzzer! By the end of the flight the guys were both kissing her on the lips and breasts (oh and I forgot to mention that the chick only just met them). When we landed a lady in front stood up and told them that it was one of the most unpleasant flights she had ever had. The annoying redhead responed by asking if she was Tracey Grimshaw and started swearing. Needless to say the flight attendents called the AFP.

I felt totally wrecked when I got off the plane, but had to laugh. But on a serious note it made me think how easy it is for young women to be taken advantage of. The redhead was clearly smashed towards the end. I think if it had gotten any worse I would've had considered reporting it to the AFP.

Anyways, here I am finally in Darwin, my home land! I really don't know what to say about it. First impressions where bad, I think because I was kinda hoping to feel like I had come home. But it soooo doesn't feel that way. It's kinda like Ipswich, only more beachy. I think I musta walked the town like 5 times. The markets in the evening where amazing thou, and they lived up to all Mum's stories!!! Sticky rice and Mango totally dilicious. The sunset was superb as well!!! I walked back into town to walk-off the food lol...Still tossing up what tour/s to do. They all seem so expensive. Oh well almost out of money (internet is $4hr, more ex then Brisbane)....

Morle says:
funny story!
Posted on: Nov 29, 2009
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