FedEx Comes to the House With My Visa!!

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One thing about a small town is.... everyone knows your business!! hehe  While at the local grocery, a neighbor said, "I saw the FedEx truck go up your driveway, was it your visa?"  I said I had been on errands all morning and rushed home hoping the FedEx truck was indeed delivering my visa!  That was the delivery!!!  YAY!!!  I have my visa!!!

But for any good thing that happens, something bad also has to happen to me!! As I explained at the first entry of this blog, I have MS and I am living on disability.  My private disability insurance company stopped paying in March and I had hoped to have everything resolved within a week or so of my return home, but they denied my claim and now I am having to go through the appeals process!!  They are questioning my continued disability - like there has been a cure for MS..... I missed that memo!!  But now I set waiting on this appeals process to go forward and it may take up to 45 days!!  I am scared to ask what else can happen to keep me from getting back to Colombia and my love!!!
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