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My instructions for getting my Pensioner Visa.
There are a lot of reasons ANYONE would want to move to and live in Colombia.  The country has Caribbean and Pacific coastlines. The Sierra Nevada and Andes mountain ranges are a part of the topography as well.  But honestly - my number one reason for wanting to move and live in Bogota is simply love! My last trip to Colombia confirmed that what I hoped was love was the real thing and it was. 

Now, more about me.  I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in March 2000.  I fought a good fight with my MS for more than 7 years when it got finally got the best of me in August 2007 and my doctor told me that it was time for disability.  The biggest issue is on some days, it is difficult or impossible to see that I have MS.  But there are days that no one sees me because I am not able to get out of bed.  When I do finally start to get out of bed, for days I am so limited as to anything I can do for myself.  The process of getting approved for disability was strenuous to say the least.  Extreme heat or cold is an enemy of my MS and I began to search climates that would better suit living with MS. 

Colombia's location to the equator helps keep the climate constant in Colombia.  The cities of Medellin and Bogota are also at a higher elevation which also keeps the constant temperature and creates an Eternal Spring.  Bogota's temperatures average in a range from the mid 40s to to upper 70s.  Medellin's temperatures average in a range from low 60s to low 80s.  Either of these cities would be MS friendly.

August of 2008, I took a trip to Medellin, Colombia.  Oh did I fall in love with Colombia!  The city, the country and the people were all beautiful. At this time I did find that I had been approved for Social Security disability and cut my trip short to return to the U.S. to get things in order. 

With traveling, I just pray and hope that travel day is one of the good days!  And I, of course, usually buy trip insurance! hehe But once I am in a place, just like living in the U.S., I have my routine that helps me adjust and function.  Fatigue is the most common symptom I suffer from.  I also have constant numbness in my legs.  These are the things I live with daily, preventing me from being able to stand or even sit for long periods.  This is why I also have such irregular sleep patterns where I may sleep 20 hours a day for 3 or 4 days, then there are days that I do not sleep 20 hours in a week.

For my second trip to Colombia I chose Bogota instead of Medellin (and yes, this time I went to Bogota to see Tim, someone I had met earlier).  Tim is that person that when you meet you are drawn to and want to know.  He is also 10 years younger than me and still quite a sexy guy.  I thought at best he was flirting and nothing more.  When I arrived in Bogota, Tim was even sexier than I had remembered.  I found his words fell true, he did not care I was older, chubby and had MS!  I even had 2 relapses with my MS and also passed kidney stones while there and he was there to care for me and love me.  Now I was in love with the city, the country and with one of its citizens. 

Since I am on disability and draw social security (plus a little from some private disability insurance I had), I qualify for a Pensioner Visa to reside in Colombia.  So now I am beginning that process to get that visa.  This blog will track what I am sure will be ups and downs trekking through this process!
montecarlostar says:
Oh Thomas, I'm so sorry to read about yout health... I hope you get better soon and all my best wishes in your journey to Colombia!!!
Posted on: Jul 19, 2009
rsmejia says:
Such a beautiful story! Espero que todo vaya bien con su vida en Colombia!
Posted on: Jun 22, 2009
tomassgringo says:
This is only the beginning!!
Posted on: Jun 11, 2009
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