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last night we got into DC around 6:00 pm.  We were headed to our hotel, which is in Maryland, but I saw an exit that took us to the Capitol area, so I peeled off to the right.  The weather was really nice.  Probably mid-80s and humid.  I drove up a street, down a street and found myself on a relatively major road that cut between the Washington Monument and the Capital Building.  There was one available parking spot.  I took it.  Since it was Sunday night, it was free and there was no time limit.  How lucky can one get driving into an unknown city?  Well, we only planned to walk around a bit, given the hour and the fact we had hungry-hungry boys.   But, after realizing the Smithsonian Institute Museums were open until 7:30 and there was no admission fee (really), we decided to take one in.

Enjoying the day.
  I mean really.  We are staying two nights in DC, if we don't see enough of the museum, we can come back.  We decided on the Museum of Natural History.  For one thing, it was one of two "not to mss" museums, and two I certainly did not want to rush the air and space museum.  Just being honest here.

Well, the museum was incredible.  Of course there were dinosaur skeletons and other things inspired by the recent movie, but the place was really incredible.  Ryan and Liam were spell bound - and really how hard is it to occupy the attention of 5 and 6 year old boys for 1.5 hours.  But really, we were all agast.

When the museum closed, I thought we would drive by the Lincoln Memorial. Again, I got extremely lucky.

  Some helpful local tried to give me directions to the nearest parking lot.  Left right over the bridge and back (really) and then two rights.  Well, as I turn to go over the bridge, there was a single available parking spot.  Free.  Unmetered.  Walking distance to the Lincoln Memorial.  Again lucky.

The Lincoln Memorial was much more impressive than I expected it to be.  There were quite a few (maybe 200) people on the structure.  They  were, for the most part, subduded, quiet, but at the same time happy.  We took some pictures of us at the monument and over the reflecting pool, and headed back to our hotel.

Today we took a train into the capital area again, checked out (at great length) the Air and Space museum.

Liam in front of the reflecting pool.
  I could have spent many hours there.  Actually, we did spent many hours there.  what I mean, is that I could have spent many more!!  There are tons of exhibits.  For example, there are world war two fighters, complete with pictures taken of them in action - maybe landing on a carrier - along side.  There are peices of rockets that have been to space and back.  There are soviet ballistic missiles.  There is a V1 and a V2.  There are german bi-planes and monoplanes.  There is the cockpit of a 747-100. There was a mockup of the fight control room of a carrier. 

Liam met a girl there.  There were so cute with each other.  could not stop holding hands. 

We took in part of the museum of American History - we focussed on the transportstion section - trains, cars, trucks etc.

Ryan crashing. Liam concerned.
  Of note.  The admission is free, but the food is not.  $53.00 for lunch for four of us.

We then took a 3/4 of a mile walk to the White House.  We first saw the backyard, which I thought was actually alot like my own backyard, but with some minor difference.  We both have trees, although the Obama's trees are really a forest.  They have a huge fountain, I have a sprinkler that goes off a 4pm everyday.  I am sure their dog craps in the backyard as does ours.  I just do not have the crap being picked up by the Secret Service.  We got to wondering how different the first family and the McFadden family use their respective backyards.  Probably not too different.  Except I would probably poke protestors with a stick if any showed up outside my fence.  And they do not have a trampoline.

Anyway, the kids were getting worn out afgter being hauled around Washington for hours on end, and so we headed back to the hotel.

Of note, we have been collecting pictures of "Welcome to <insert state name here>".  But we did not see one as we entered DC from Virginia, not as entered Maryland as entered there from DC.

mathieucalvet says:
Good to hear that you enjoyed DC; DC is such a great place to see.
Posted on: Jul 11, 2009
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Enjoying the day.
Enjoying the day.
Liam in front of the reflecting po…
Liam in front of the reflecting p…
Ryan crashing.  Liam concerned.
Ryan crashing. Liam concerned.