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We made it to Las Vegas today.  Ryan has become a bit ill with something.  He is running a fever which is easily controlled with a little Motrin.  But he has something.  We initially thought it might be heat stroke from the water park, but now it looks like a virus.  We will see how it goes.

[Later update]

Vegas is always fun.  I love the place.  We stayed in CircusCircus.  Eva took the younger two to see the circus while I took Mia to the adventure dome.  Now as some of you know, I have a bit of a squeamish stomach and high intensity rides do not work well with me (oddly, I never felt the slight queasiness while piloting a Cessna.  Never.  Not even while doing hood work in bumpy air).  Anyway, I was doing ok until the kids across from me lost his lunch on a ride.  I was facing him and could not rip my eyes from his anguish.  Anyway, to make a long story short, the ride ended *just* in time and Mia poked fun at me for as long as it took me to recover........

In the evening, Mia watched the little ones while Eva and I went out to the Hard Rock Hotel to have a few drinks, play a few slots and enjoy the scene.  The place was packed with lots of people drinking, and playing slots - so I guess we fit in.  I noticed one thing,  Even though the place was packed, there were not many people at the card tables and the slot machines were pretty empty as well.  I have been to Vegas about 6 times and each time I go, I notice less people playing.  Sad, but not too sad.  I mean it just gambling.  Not medical research being cut.....

We took a few pictures of Las Vegas, but not many, and none that really different from what you might see on google, so I am not posting any for this stop.

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Las Vegas
photo by: maka77