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For three wonderful days, Eva and I took a break from our vacation.  I know how pompous that sounds, but really it isn't. Eva and I always planned to go back to New york, but we did not really feel the need to take Ryan and Liam.  They really would not enjoy walking around for hours at a time.  And we wanted to take in a couple of Broadway shows.  So Grandma and Grandpa agreed to take care of the kidlets and off we went.

A few comments on Manhattan where we spent our visit.  First of all, it is much cleaner than the past time I was there.  I noticed there was not even gum stuck on the sidewalk.  Actually, I am sure there is gum in some places, but not where I looked for it.  Also, the population seemed to be more relaxed - as much as new Yorkers relax.  I observed many people walking on the side walks wearing an iPod. Now it seems to me that if an individual was worried about getting mugged or shot or run over, than that individual is not likely to willingly give up his/her sense of hearing.  On the other hand, they still walk out into the street against the light in some Dawinian battle against the automobile.

Travelocity messed up our hotel reservation and the manager at the hotel kept saying "I can't do anything.  I am minus eleven".  I am pretty sure this meant the hotel was overbooked for the evening - and this was at 8pm.  Eventually the manager said "Go to your show.  Enjoy it.  I will make things ok".  And she did.  When we got back it was sorted out enough that we had a place to stay.  Up with Holiday Inn. 

We saw Wicked again.  The Broadway company is doing a better job than the National company in our opinion.  We also saw Mamma Mia, which was excellent.  I found it odd that the Gershwin Theatre let people in after the doors closed.  Very odd.   One of the nights we were there we had a great dinner a Gallaghers Steakhouse.  This place has been serving streaks in the theater dustrict since 1928. I highly recommend the place. 

We also walked all over Time Square.  While we were there, CNN was doing a lilve show from there.  It was a segement on "Being Black in America".  The panelists - all black - were treated like Rock Stars as the left.  So I conclude it is good to be Black in America these days.

We also took a horse drawn carrige ride through central park.  It was very lovely and romantic and the driver made up little bits of lore for our ammusement and entertainment.  I am pretty sure most of it was unadulterated bullshit, but it was fun.  The only thing that detracted from the moment was Michael Richards.  I kept expecting Kramer to turn around with a sour look on his face and betrate Rusty.

We took in the Museum of Natural History - made famous by the movie "Night at the Museum".  It was way better.  The museum.  was better than the movie.  And I liked that movie.

Just for fun (and to avoid paying an extra $45.00) we took the subway back to the airport.  There were New Yorkers actually offering help making sure we, the obvious tourist, made the correct connections to getting to JFK.  New Yorkers rude?  Fuggetaboutit.

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