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We stopped in the little town of Friona.  Ryan is car crazy and maybe getting sick again, Liam is wide awake, and my eyes are dried up.  But the hotel is nice and has good internet.  I will get caught up with this.

We pushed a bit to make it Texas.  But the name of the first town was Bovina.  Really.  Now, I recall that Bovine means cow, and upon seeing  the massive amounts of cattle, we decided to keep moving.  So we stopped at Friona.  A safe 12 or 15 miles further down the road.  Turns out Friona translates into "Never under estimate the power of that west wind".  Or maybe it means "Ha - and you thought Bovina stunk".  At 4:00am, Eva got up to turn the air conditioner on, and, well there was just getting back to sleep.  ave

Time to turn the coffee on.  We brought our own coffee maker and excellent roast beans, and have been brewing our own coffee in the mornings, rather than drink  the hotel coffee.  We are also making most of our meals.  Cooking rice and REI dehydrated food, we have been bringing breakfast cereal and making sandwiches.  Of course, we also brought a kettle and some oatmeal for Liam.  On a related note, Liam is eating very well.  We are doing all of this to try and eat healthy, avoid dumping tons of money at fast food crappy places.  It is, for the most part working.  It is a bit more work - I do dishes every morning - but seems worth it.


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