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We spent a really wonderful day in Ottawa.  First of all, we got to catch up (again) with relatives we had not seen in a long time.  Thanks Elliot and Jen for the great hospitality.  And as a bonus, an aunt of mine was also visiting and we got to see her as well.  Eva has now met most of the family from my mothers side and so far so good.  My cousin lives in a really great area of Ottawa that is south of the city center.  Don't ask me the name because I just don't know.

In the morning, we drove to the Parliment Buildings.  The drive there revealed Ottawa as a very beautiful, clean city and we both figured we could live there.  I will be checking with Intel to see if they have any plans to move us there.  One can hope.  Once at the Parliment we were in for a real treat.  Elliot had arranged for VIP seating for us for the Changing of the Guard ceremony.  And VIP means VIP.  There were about 12 seats well inside the rope.  And about 5000 spectators outside the fence.  I heard one dude (in a Canadian Forces Uniform) ask another similarly dressed dude "What are the seat for? Do we have foriegn diplomats today?".

The Changing of the Guard ceremony itself was very impressive.  They arrived exactly (and I do mean exactly) as the peace tower clock struck 10.  They marched and inspected and passed colours and keys for a good 25 minutes.  And then left exactly at 10:30.  Very very cool.  One of the coolest bits of Candiana I have ever seen.

After that, Jen took us to her office - Ryan and Liam were overheating - and gave us juice and water.  So we chilled (literally in the case of the kids) in the office of a Canadian senator.  Jen is an assistant to the senator.  We sat at the table where John A MacDonald worked.  Really.  We looked around the building some more, but a organized tour a) was too far in the future and b) seemed unnessesary after the walk around with Jen.

We spent some time at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  I tried to explain to Ryan why Eva was crying, but I think the concept of freedom and sacrifice are still a beyond him. 

Then we hit the road!!!

We are feeling a bit of a desire to get home.

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photo by: Jeroenadmiraal