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[writing in the early morning]  We had to cover about 440 miles yesterday in order to get half way to DC.  We made it about 550 miles, meaning we have a pretty light drive today.  We stopped in Marion, VA after giving up trying to find a Walmart.  Wewere looking for a store to buy some more food, a new movie and a new DS game since the kids  have been great travelling.  Anyway, the GPS said the nearest Walmart was 35 miles behind us in Tennessee and I was starting to wonder if maybe there were no Walmarts in Vriginia, perhaps due to licensing or competion or something.  And that old gas gauge kept going down.  So eventually we gave up looking for a Walmart and pulled into Marion, VA looking for gas and the BEst Western that was advertised on the Interstate. And promptly turned into a Walmart parking lot.  So we did the happy dance.  Then we remember where we were, got out of the damn van and finished the dance.  Anyway, after shopping for a bit, there was an announcement saying that the store was closing.  Eva and I looked at each other in amazement.  Never heard of a Walmart closing before.  So maybe that is a measure of just how small this town is.  The Walmart actually closes.

Anyway, the town has some fireworks, which we watched from the front lawn of out hotel, we swam in the decided unheated pool, and got a good nights rest. 

After we pack, we are off to DC.....

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photo by: rebecca_gzwy