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my apartment building.
So, Hong Kong.  It's fucking great...dynamic, dirty, packed with people...everything I'd want a big foreign city to be.  It's kind of like how I imagined Korea would be before I got there.  The whole place feels kind of closed-in.  Not claustrophobic exactly, but almost.  Signs in Chinese hang out over the street, and every building is a skyscraper- they're all narrow and tall, meant to pack as many people into as little ground space as possible.  Walking around Mong Kok, especially in the early evening, is an exercise in patience.  There are so many people on the street that you're essentially trapped in the middle of a slow-moving crowd all the time. 
The biggest difference between HK and Seoul is the comparative lack of a language barrier.
  Nearly everyone understands English to some degree, so I feel more comfortable here than I ever did in Korea, or even Spain.  Every restaurant seems to have an English menu available, the bookstores have large foreign book sections, and Chinese movies have English subtitles.  I really like being able to see the local movies filmed right here in Hong Kong.  Definitely couldn't do that in Seoul.  If I were a better, more intellectually curious person I'd try to learn some Cantonese, but I'm not that ambitious so fuck it.
As for daily life stuff: my job here is so easy that I almost feel guilty about it...I get a decent salary considering how little I do. I work about 15 hours a week (maybe 20 counting lesson prep time).  I have a very classically Asian apartment.
  My bedroom is so small that I can practically touch all four walls at the same time when I stretch out on the bed.  No fridge, no storage space, and I could shower and take a shit at the same time in my 3'-by-3' bathroom if I wanted to.  There's a long, colorful street market that winds right past my building.  The vendors sell everything from socks, to jade carvings, to discount dildos. Laying in bed after midnight, all I can hear is the repetitive metallic clanking sounds of the tents being disassembled.  I don't know why the vendors pack up all their shit and haul it away, because they just have to start setting it all up again six hours later.
I had trouble sleeping when I first got here.  The background noise of the city is unescapable, and I'm very aware of my many neighbors.  Behind the walls, I can hear people moving and talking all around me all the time. It's completely different from home, where I could crack open a window and hear nothing but waves, but I'm oddly comfortable here. The past five or six weeks have gone so quickly, and it's comforting to know I still have almost eleven months to get my full Hong Kong experinence.
Thanks for reading, XO
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my apartment building.
my apartment building.
some hong kong street art
some hong kong street art
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