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Mahsuri's well with bottled well water for sale

The next day, our first stop was the Mahsuri Masoleum. Langkawi has a legend of a lady named Mahsuri being slandered for adultery and was punished by death - to prove that she was innocent, when she bled to death, her blood was white ( ..I don't know what modern day doctors would say of this!). She cursed the people of Langkawi saying they would not prosper for seven generations. Apparently it has already passed the seventh generation and now the island has begun to prosper - myth or truth..I really don't know!

Her tomb is located in the tiny  village of Ulu Melaka - since the island is small it would take you about 10 minutes through very rustic villages - I loved it because you can get to see padi (rice) fields and buffallos wallowing in mud.

This is the view of padi fields behind Mahsuri's' well.
But its become quite a spectacle now - loads of tourist buses and shops selling clothes from Thailand surround the area...not nice at all.

The entrance fee into the whole masoleum complex is RM 5. (USD 1.40) I don't know if foreigners pay different rates - to be fair I hope everyone pays the same rates. I feel bad when foreigners have to pay more! The complex is designed based on a small traditiional village - different buildings from a house of the village headman to a geology museum (!). Interestingly, Mahsuri's well is still producing water and they sell the water in bottles, readily purified at a cost of RM 1. (USD 0.28) (as always, I'm suspicious of hygiene levels,  so  I didn't buy any). There is an aviary and an artist who can sketch your image at a cost of RM 29 (USD 8.

At the Oriental Village
30) - and I must say he was good. From Friday to Sunday at 1500 hours there is a pantodrama on her life at the theatre and throughout the day there will be traditional music played on a gamelan.

The downside to this place - not enough signs and information in English.

We then headed to the cable car station, at the Oriental Village/Langkawi Geopark, a good 30 minutes away, near Burau Bay..go past the Harbour Park Marina and the Sheraton Hotel towards the Berjaya Resort . The queue for the cable car ride was snaking for a good 500 meters thanks to the school holidays again, so we walked around the Oriental Village - there were many shops selling clothes and souvenir items  and we had lunch at the food court, next to the rabbit farm. The food was not bad - a rather tasty fried rice at RM 5.

The village headman's typical house on stilts
 It looks like an Iranian restaurant will be opening soon so thats very good news! Just DON"T go to the toilets at the food court  if you want to have nice memories of your trip!! Go to the one at the entrance where for RM 0.30 you can get a clean toilet. The girl at the cable car ticket booth told us to come back later and gave us a brilliant tip -  avoid coming in the mornings because thats when the tourists come by busloads..after 1700 hours is the best time - less crowded and much cooler.

We wanted to kill time so we left the place and  went to the Telaga Harbour Park Marina at the Pantai Kok areae - the plan was to develop this otherwise quiet spot and it has suceeded - there is a new hotel, The Danna under construction, and there are some nice bistros and cafes there.

I can't believe I was this high up!
Blue Mare, Loaf, The Tapaz, The USSR Restaurant (yes thats its name!) to name a few are situated on Perdana Quay. Its a very pretty marina - very chic looking with luxurious yachts , but Langkawi weather being so hot, having meals outdoors at daytime isn't a good idea...better at night i'm sure.

We then decided to look for a nice place for a drink, and  found the ideal spot in Bon Ton Restaurant at Pantai Cenang (Cenang Beach) - I have been to their restaurant in Kuala Lumpur and this one in Langkawi did not disappoint either. The ambience of being in a restaurant smack in the middle of rice fields made it sublime! (READ MY REVIEW).

After a good 2 hours there, at 1800 hours we made our way back to the cable car station at the foot of Gunung Machinchang (Machinchang Mountain).

The view was priceless!!
We paid the Malaysian rate of RM 15 (USD 4.25)- it was RM 30 (USD 8.50) for foreigners i'm afraid, and up we went! It took about 15 minutes and  the scenery was fantastic - the view of the islands and the sea where we could see up to South Thailand, the waterfalls of Telaga Tujuh (Seven Wells), even  hornbills flying so high..who would have thought they flew up to 600 meters above sea level! We got out at the second last stop (625 meters above sea level) for a look around and proceeded to the last stop at 710 meters above sea level. I was brave enough to  get on a cable car but no way  could any one force me to walk on the open sky bridge ..hahaha!

For me it was a great experience - I overcame my inner fear of heights..but i guess being in a cable car doesn't really count, does it?


The cable car ride is RM 30 (USD 8.50) for foreigners. Its open from 0930 to 1900 and on Wednesdays from 1200 to 1800 hours. The Oriental Village has  Japanese, Thai and Malaysian restaurants and a basic Food Court.


nanie05 says:
Posted on: Jun 12, 2009
moshers_moll says:
Wow great blog! :-)
Posted on: Jun 11, 2009
nanie05 says: husband says the rationale is so that locals can afford to visit these places too..but kalau kita yang pergi tempat orang kena bayar double, kita pun sedih jugak..:(
Posted on: Jun 11, 2009
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Mahsuris well with bottled well w…
Mahsuri's well with bottled well …
This is the view of padi fields be…
This is the view of padi fields b…
At the Oriental Village
At the Oriental Village
The village headmans typical hous…
The village headman's typical hou…
I cant believe I was this high up!
I can't believe I was this high up!
The view was priceless!!
The view was priceless!!
Harbour Park
Harbour Park
The Harbour Park
The Harbour Park
At 625 metres above sea level -che…
At 625 metres above sea level -ch…
Happy to be so high up!
Happy to be so high up!
The Harbour Park
The Harbour Park
At the Oriental village
At the Oriental village
Shops selling all sorts of souveni…
Shops selling all sorts of souven…
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