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My ferry arrived in Santorini at around 1 p.m. and I immediately found the transport van to my hostel, Hotel Katerina and John. It was a spectacular ride up a windy road that overlooked the whole island. I checked into my room and headed to a place that rents ATVs and scooters. I was told that I couldn't rent a scooter because they require a motorcycle license. I settled for a one-person riceburner ATV that I would find to be very, very slow going up hills. I drove around the island for a few hours and eventually found a nice place to watch the sunset over the caldera. I then drove back to Perissa, the town where I was staying, and ate a dinner of grilled squid by the beach. As I was walking back to the hostel, I ran into a guy I had met on Crete who was sitting oustide of his hostel with a bunch of people. I sat down and began talking with everybody, after which we all headed to a couple of bars. I spent a lot of money that night, and decided not to go out drinking too many more times on the trip.

The next day, I drove well up the island to the very high town of Pyrgos, and enjoyed the views of the island from there. Unfortunately, there were several large clouds shrouding the island, but it was still a nice view. I then drove around for a couple more hours, and having gotten very heated up in the sun, headed to the black sand beach in Perissa. I went in the very refreshing water a few times and just laid out in the sun, also reading occasionally. The water was dark blue, cool, and deep. I left at around 5:30, showered in my room, ate a sandwich from fresh bread I had bought, and then made the long drive to Oia, which is a town that is supposed to have the best sunset in the Cyclades. It took about 45 minutes to get there, and I was very disappointed to find that it was entirely covered in dark gray clouds. I took a couple of pictures of the town then began to drive back to try and find a better sunset. I found one on the road between Fira, the main city, and Perissa.

On June 23rd, which I thought was my last day, I drove to Red Beach, the red sand beach that is near the town of Akrotiri on the south end of the island. I found that it was a nice-looking place, took some pictures, but decided not to spend hours there. It was a bit smaller that I had imagined and the water looked a little less clean and not as clear as other places. I tried going to the Pompeii-esque ancient town of Akrotiri, but was extremely disappointed to find that it was closed for "technical reasons," as the sign said. Instead, I decided to drive to one of the wineries on the island. Santorini is famous for its wines, unlike the other Greek islands, and I got a tasting of three signature wines. The first was called, "Santorini," the second "Kallisti Reserve," and the last was the trademark of Santorini, "vinsanto." They were all good and I enjoyed my time there. I then headed to the beach and fell asleep on the chair, probably from the wine. I also made a quick trip to Fira and walked around for a bit, mainly seeing jewelry shops and other expensive stores.

One June 24th, which I thought was the day I was leaving, I walked around the town of Perissa for a few hours and took some more pictures, just killing time until my ferry. I was transported down to the port, and discovered that my ferry to Milos had been cancelled due to bad weather around Milos. I quickly tried to find John again to arrange another night at the hostel. I got back, went to a bar/cafe down the road and watched tennis for a while, before getting a gyro and talking with some Brazilian and South African people back at the hostel. I went to sleep and prayed for good weather the next day.

I am writing this entry on June 25th, again killing time before I am due at the port for my ferry. I called a number given by me and was told that the ferry would indeed be coming today, but I am still keeping my fingers crossed. I have another hour in Perissa before I leave, and I am hoping that I do not have to come back here again. It is not a bad place at all, but I am ready for a change after four nights here.
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photo by: wanderingluster