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Ok so Libby and Me decided to go to St.Pete, Florida for a week since she has never been to any of the theme parks over there and also because my Gran lives in St.Pete so it would give me a chance to see her.

The trip almost went wrong before we even arrived because our flight into Paris was delayed and so we had to literally sprint to our connection and we were the last two passengers on, getting our 'your baggage will be removed from the flight' warning as we got to the desk!

When we arrived we met up with my Gran who is as mad and lively as ever and went to collect our hire-car. We had booked a convertible Mustang, however the guy at the desk offered me a Corvette for only a slight upgrade price!!! Unfortunately the sensible Libby informed me that there would then be nowhere for our luggage :-( Ah well, the Mustang it was!!

Driving to our hotel following my Gran was amusing to say the least.

It was during one of the worst thunder storms I have ever seen and visibility was literally a couple of feet at best. This wasn't helped by my Gran who seemed to weave all over the lanes and alternate between going at a crawl and flying away.

Anyway, somehow we managed to get there and check in. Turned out we were given a room with a balcony over the beach which was awesome for sitting out and relaxing at night with a cheecky corona or bud light.

Our first day we headed to Busch Gardens which was my favourite theme park when I was younger...and still is! The rides, especially the roller-coasters are massive. They have a ride which drops you at a ninety degree angle which is completely mad. Very good fun, and they have white tigers in Busch Gardens which are beautiful creatures.

Second day was our trip to Disney Land and we actually managed to drive there without too much hassle. Driving up and seeing the signs with mickey ears painted on them brought out the excitement for the day and reminded me especially the sheer size of the place, it is massive!

Inside we went on most rides and all was going well...until the sky clouded over and a thunderstorm to top the one on the first day started (I didnt think that would be possible but it was!!). We managed to do most of the rides although Splash Mountain (my favourite) broke down whilst we were on it :-(

After that we decided it was just too wet and we needed to get a hotel sorted for the night. We were walking through Disney Land wading through puddles up to my ankles and I am not exagerrating! My flip-flop actually came off and started floating away, I had to run and wade after it, haha.

We checked into a Disney hotel since we were too wet to attempt a search of Orlando for a place. We settled for the Yacht Club hotel where I found out my credit card didnt work. This happens every time I go abroad, they cut my credit card because they think it has been stolen. It is a joke and I am now cancelling my Card which is through the Clydesdale bank. Seriously, if Libby hadnt had her card and it was an emergency we would have been totally screwed!

Note on the Yacht Club hotel: Comfiests beds in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next day we hit Universal Studios which was the biggest surprise of the trip. I remember it being good but wow it was much better than I remembered. The Q's here were really long since it was a special school day or something and after Q'ing 40 minutes for the Hulk ride (totally brilliant coaster) we went and bought fast pass tickets which basically let us jump any Q's! We got some evil looks skipping straight to the front I'll tell you :-p

Best ride in Universal is 'The Mummy' which is an indoor coaster in sheer darkness.

Very cool and fast and scary!

After all of the parks we were pretty tired and so the next day was spent just chilling after we got back to the hotel. We read books and lazed about our balcony and the beach, playing some volleyball and swimming in the sea. Next day was also pretty chilled, we just went to a large Mall in Tampa and did some shopping since we couldn't leave without Liby visiting an Abercrombie & Fitch store!!!!!!!! :-s

We also hired a speed-boat which was really good fun although the girls (Libby and my Gran) quickly tamed me down as I was having a blast going full speed and throwing it all over the place! I also managed to get us stuck on a small island and luckily another guy was there to come and help me push the boat off because we were properly stuck!!! haha

I took the boat around some very cool islands which had houses on them and little jetties peeking out into the sea.

They looked awesome, a very very cool way to live! We also saw plenty of dolphins and even a sting-ray to throw in the mix!

So, we tanned, hit the parks and the sea and generally had an amazing time! I was gutted to be heading home but oh well, I'll go back no doubt as I love St.Pete as much as anywhere else in the world I've found yet!

Key word 'yet'!! :-p

Safe Travels

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