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It was this day my trip "really" started and all the evening before I was terribly nervous and begging for not having forgotten any important detail. But suddenly it was 9:05 am and too late for any further worries. Slowly the landscape we rushed through changed and after three hours the TGV arrived at the station Avignon TGV. It looks quite funny, as it is a futuristic glass-building in the middle of a wonderfully green park with a fence build up in a large distance around it - made of steel, painted black and in the combination with the park it looked as if someone has dumped a big glass football on a millionaire's villa. I had only 5 hours before my train to Marseille would and stupidly I wasted the first 20 minutes for rushing around the station to find some lockers for my bag.

'Cause I wasn't too eager to haul around 7 kg distributed on a giant trolley (at first it was even double the weight, but as I should return to Paris anyway after the week I grabbed the chance to leave half of the stuff at my friend's). Finally one of the employees told me that the only lockers I would find are in the train station in Avignon. So I grabbed my bag slightly irritated and rushed to the bus where I had to wait another 20 min till it finally left for Avignon city center.

After another 10 minutes we arrived at the bus station and I went to the train station to finally leave by luggage there. There, again I rushed around without seeing any lockers until I finally noticed the sign that they are in a separate building next to the station.

So I left the main hall and hauled my bag to the lockers, where I had to pay 4€ - in coins. Unfortunately, I didn't have coins an the guy there didn't want to change my 5 Euro note. So AGAIN I went to the main hall and asked at the bakery to change some money. They told me kindly that they weren't able to change it (a BAKERY!!!) so I tried it with the shop opposite - now a bit more irritated - and asked them. Again they didn't want to change it - as long as I didn't buy some chewing gum. Finally, with the cash and my luggage I hurried pissed up to the lockers, let them scan it and dumped the stuff there. The next two weeks I was every time surprised to find out that the "certified" stations I was at didn't have any lockers. It took me until the end of my trip to find it out: Years ago the was a terrorist assault at a train station when they hid a bomb in a locker.
After that they were liquidated everywhere and now they get slowly reinstalled.

Some kilos lighter I finally made my way into the old town of Avignon, already curious of the Palais des Papes. To be honest, it's smaller than I expected it to be, but nevertheless amazing. Due to the high entrance fee I refused to go inside and instead I spent some time in the park next to it and in the old town of Avignon which is sooo beautiful! Everytime you turn into one of the tiny streets you find new enchanting details, little shops, stands, churches, whatever. I was really gratefull for the streets being so narrow because this kept everything in the shade - otherwise I suppose I'd have spent most of the time in a cafè as it had much over 30°C without any tiniest cloud in the sky. The fact that the climat in Germany had been pretty cold by then didn't make the heat easier to cope with.

After some hours and some kilometres walked I went back to the station to get my luggage and went for the bus back to the TGV station. This short detour should give me a little outlook on what was waiting for me the next days: Heat, long and damn exhausting walks but also unforgettable impressions and moments of feeling to be in heaven.

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