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Finally the day came I've waited for so long. And like before all my other trips in the last months the last days were pretty tough and as usually the afternoon before there was only mess at work and rain outside so that instead of 4pm I had arrived at home two hours later and completely wet (My mood was bad enough so I didn't want to make it even worse by taking my bike into the tram full of old people complaining about me).

Well, after all, I arrived at the Gare de l'Est in the afternoon, already looking forward to a birthday party I was going to attend that evening - at least the friend of mine, with whom I should stay during my weekly visits to Paris, has said that earlier. But first of all I had to get my baggage (15 kg) through the Parisian metro which turned out to be a quite exhausting mission as there are no elevators at all and for some unknown reasons there are also hardly any escalators in the metro (during all my visits I've seen only one - quite strange concerning the fact that Paris was the city the first escalator was installed. Aware of this I got all dolled up - just to find out that there aren't any gentlemen left between Karlsruhe and Paris. The only guy offering me to carry my luggage was of all things a bloke, whom I'll never in my life would consign anything. So after all I was glad to do so much sports in my free time when I dumped my baggage half an hour later in front of my friend's (Antoine's) house. We were to meet there at about half past 5. Well...half past 5 became 6 and I was already a bit irritated as before the hour of waiting I had a 3-hour-trip in a train made for smaller people than me and hauling a big luggage through half of Europe without anybody offering help. Luckily this passed as soon as I stood in Antoine's apartment and felt that it was time the great story of my French visits to go on.

And so I stood some hours later in my dancing shoes on the Quais de Seine, looking out of the river with salsa music in the air. It was a great party with a magnificious ambience and after having danced my feet off I spend some time sitting at the river and chatting with the guy next to me. I've just started to learn French three months before and hadn't had any occasion to speak by then. So it was pretty hard to talk to him but after all this was one of the reasons why I came to France.

Some hours later it got already dark and the music became more cuban. So after the donations had been collected we finally left for the birthday party we were due to attend. We went there by scooter and having arrived at the street I took off my helmet and instantly heard the dumb sounds of music and laughter, which sounded through the whole street. I gaped at Antoine and asked whether THIS was the party. He just said frankly "yeah, think so". From this moment I loved this country another bit more. When we entered the house it was like in a TV spot: The staircase full of confetti and a dumb rythm coming from the door. After having realised that nobody heard us ringing the doorbell we finally called someone inside on his mobile and when he opened the door the thuds turned into deafening mix of laughter, music and clangor of champagne glasses. Only three steps and I found myself in the middle of loudest, craziest and best party I've ever been at.

Some hours, a bottle of Champagne, some chocolate cake and some more cheese cake later we were among the last guests going home. It was already half past five and driving home with the scooter I was happy to be sober enough again to enjoy the view on Paris by sunrise.


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