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Absolutely zero issues on the trip back home until we had to check back into the US.  Woke up on time, checked out promptly and caught the train as planned.  We even found a place to mail our postcards at Schiphol.  This had turned out to a real pain as selling postage stamps is one thing CitizenM does not do.  After learning this on Wednesday I tried several gift stores but they refuse unless you buy the postcard there (so why didn’t they tell me that where I bought the postcards originally?) and a random hotel we crossed, but they refused as well since we weren’t staying there.  Finally scored some at a grocery store Friday afternoon and was disappointed again when CitizenM couldn’t even get them in the mail!  Fortunately Schiphol had a mailbox and we spotted the postcards about a half hour head start on the race back home, lol.


We had asked Rudolph when he would be visiting America and his reply was that my country had become rather unpleasant to get into these days and I had a minor dose of that upon touching down in Philly.  The officer reviewed both of our passports and then asked me how long were you in Oman?  Did you meet anybody there?  What was the purpose of your visit?  …and a few more questions.


The identical litany was then repeated for the UAE and Jordan.  I had nothing to hide so it wasn’t uncomfortable, though I did want to summon Captain Travel to the rescue after my one word response to his question around why I went to Jordan.  Petra” I said, and received a blank stare.


We had traveled so far, but there is still so far to travel…

vances says:
no problem....there's always Reunion...

Posted on: May 29, 2010
Sweetski says:
Now that I have a Cuban visa stamped in my passport, they won't let me in at all. How sad is that?
Posted on: May 29, 2010
vances says:
Amen, brother!
Posted on: Jun 19, 2009
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photo by: vances