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The trip to Berlin was fun really though when we got there things started going downhill. Firstly noone had even heard of my hostel apart from amy. I really didn want to meet amy. She said she would be there in 30minutes to show me the way. 1 hour later she arrived. Fuck sake. When we finally set off she didn remember the way back so we had to get the UBahn which I could have done anyway. Eventually on the right street we find number 60. Instead of a hostel there was a huge decaying door which looked like it could lead me into the underworld of Berlin. As we were about to set off I noticed a buzzer panel. On it read Aloha. I buzzed up and proclaimed I was staying with them. As the door clicked open, the ladies voice told me third floor.

Upon entering I couldn't believe it. The building appeared to have once been a block of apartments, however not for years. A thick coat of grey covered everything. I took a step towards the staircase and started to climb. Various lights flicked on once my movement was sensed and my disbelief grew. Wires hung freely from Walls, naked bulbs swung in the non existant breeze. Once I made it to the third floor a door was open. It brandished hawian flowers and colourful d├ęcor. I entered. The only way to put it is I'm staying in a squatters hovel and it's one of the coolest places ever. It's like something straight out of a book. I switched my pillow with the bed above simply because my brandished dry blood, and proceeded to sheet up. That's right mother I made my own bed. Also there is no bar yet they sell big beers for one euro. I'm squatting I tell thee.

I had a quick shower and got changed, since I agreed to meet amy, how could I not? I set off down the eery stair case and out the door. We went for some drinks and hung out while I tactfully avoided her grasps at my hand, I mean seriously? Come on. I ended the night having the hugest headache so wanted to go back to the hostel. On the way I dropped my phone and watched in horror as the back flew off and down a drain. Swearing I retrieved my phone. Once back at the hostel I tried to get inside as quick as possible causing amy to have a strop and storm off. On the otherside of the door I couldn't help but laugh, even through the migraine, then went straight to bed.

I awoke with the worst stomach cramps and worst headache ever. Didn't manage to pull myself out of bed until 4 to go buy fruit and water. Now here I am in bed feeling the illest I can remember being feeling sorry for myself. Right now I wish I was at home with mum and nan taking care of me Lol

X x
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photo by: CFD