Irish bar and the beach of Bruges and a few other facts.

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I'm up early again today as once again I have to check out and back in again. I don't mind though it means I can write my blog and journal though I'm in no way pushed for time. It means I can record the last couple days events while I still remember them, it's surprising I do too.

So starting with thursday I guess, cranky from the nights lack of sleep I was up early again for the same reason as today. Eventually I ventured into town, wandered around and went to a couple places. The town hall cost 1€ so was ok but a bit dull. Much more interesting was the Dali museum. Probably cus I studied him in school. Kinds :p
After that I pretty much just loitered and ended up Reading alot of my book, so much for pacing myself.

My Thursday evening was set around happy hour, sitting there drinking several 1€ beers. Yummy. When two girls came in from earlier in the day I pounced. In reality it was less of a pounce and more of a stumbled sloppy introduction, taking seams seady advice from Wednesday, I continued with epic lies and stories though I probably could have got by on my looks, by my looks I mean their alcohol consumption. Either way I wouldn spend my even night or early morning alone. We merged tables with dome guys who work at Bauhaus and a guy called chris. anyway i ended up being a wing man for chris and did some things im not proud of with a lass (apparently) and i spent the rest of the week trying to forget. Saw some things there that i didnt think possible haha.

The following day i was the only one without a hang over which was brilliant even though we ate in a shambles of a place where a mexican looking guy started threatening chris about not finished food ordered there. Chris had ordered nothing.

Following this we opted for the chilled out day and went and found the beach bar Chris had been talking about. It was amazing. 2euro a beer. we were there for 8 hours it was absolutely brilliant. i loved every second of that day and maintain that it was one of my favourite days so far. Who would of though, in Bruges, a Beach? So surreal looking around the beach and seein big europeon buildings.

I cant be bothered to get my journal out and see what i did the next day though i believe it involved alot of drinking from a somewhat disgraceful time, leading up to me getting irritated by a ridiculously stereotypical G'day mate Australian. Chris said even australians avoid people like him. Once Chris and Callumn left for dinner and i had invited an insainly hot girl to join us(only to find she had a boyfriend :'[ ) i ended up gettign so annoyed i walked off by myself.

Worked out nicely as i ended up talking to a random Gal in the square, took her to the beach for a nice night drink and then to the favourable irish bar which we all loved so much. Though i must have done something along the many drunken rampages as it was impossible for me to get the served the following night. Gentleman dont kiss and tell and if i did my family reading the blog would not want to read the details. So the details shall remain in my head :)

Anyway thats about all i can be bothered to write on the subject of Bruges Since i writing this i have already left.


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photo by: Chokk