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Even as i write this a few days on, im still not feeling 100% but will give it my best.

I visited Checkpoint Charlie and the Brandeburg Gate, it was all touristy and lovely. I have to say as interesting as it was, for the price i wouldn't reccomend the check point charlie museum. Way too many people all trying to read the same thing all at once. That, coupled with feeling like hell, i didnt stay there that long, although long enough to get at least half my monies worth. The Gate was nothing special really, didnt exactly inspire me or make me feel anything.

The following day, so what... thursday? yesterday? i went to Sachsonhaus C.C. Memorial. I have to say wandering around, pondering what it was and how many people died there and how was insane. People made to stand up against a height measure and as they thought they were being measured they would be shot in the base of the skull. All the while loud music was played so as to hide what was happening. Sealing windows of the sleeping quarters so as to purposely suffocate elder jews who couldn't survive on the sparse oxygen. It was really messed up.

Today i just chilled out. Spent a rather silly amount of time in the internet cafe'S but im still not feeling right and dont feel up to much. I might go out tonight for a wander though but who knows. I ended up laying on the fountain, realxing in Alexander Platz. Some Asian guy came over and asked if he could film me because he was filming people sleeping in the street. Not sure entirely what he was implying i let him, so if i turn up in some edit of Homosexual Tramps of Berlin, i will know who to blame.



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photo by: CFD