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The last thing I wrote in Amsterdam was "fuck it, time to leave. Such enthusiasm" I was hung over which explains the happiness of of all. The train from Amsterdam to antwerp was really rather nice, comfortable and pretty spacious. I'm glad I got some sleep, I needed it. The night before I woke up in the middle of the night freezing cold without a clue where I was. No word of a lie it took about 5 minutes before I realized I was in my tent and fumbled into my sleeping bag. I suppose that's what happens when you befriend a bar owner on a very quiet Monday evening, lots of free booze.

I arrived in antwerp about 2.5 hours after leaving which has a nice train station. Another hour and I was in Bruges all for only 32€. Bus 6 from the station was rank, small and packed with people who were desperate to push past me and ronald ( which is what I have named my bag, we slept together for a week he may as well have a name)but there were two very hot young ladies so it was an alright bus ride I guess albeit deceptively long.

The "Bauhaus hostel" is lush, maybe just because of it's bar and restaurant, the décor of which is stunning. They have these candle holders which are covered in a mountain of wax with four candles protruding from the top. I'll take a photo because they're very cool. I asked a bar man and apparently they took 8 years, sean said it's like growing a tree. I like that concept.

I wandered round the last couple of days and Bruges really is a beautiful place. The only downfall is the sheer amount of slow walking tourists. They're more like tucking terrorist, ambling about at 0.2mph and abruptly stopping for no reason at all. The first evening I spent getting drunk and dancing, raving even, with a few guys from oz and America. We made right twats of ourselves. ( haha mum; neil) I only spent about 8 euro too, good times.
Last night I had dinner at the bar which was lush spag bol, and got talking to yet another Australian called sean. He was pretty cool, wedrank and discussd everything from obecity to society to crime to films to Hitler to religion to books to ghosts. Everything.

Yesterday I went in a book shop and found "the angels game" which made my day, I'm so Stoked to read it since "the shadow of the wind" is now my fav book! Sleep last night was horrid and impossible, a Canadian guy was snoring and the only just description would be jack the ripper raping a large wild boar. At one point we all got up put the light on and considered going back to the bar, it was awful but the light woke him up and someone said to sleep on his side. He apologised but ten minutes later that dirty fiend jack was back with his pig.

I may be meeting up with sean and his friends next week in Paris which will be a laugh since I decided to stay here and not go back to Amsterdam. I could of stayed free there too but it seems stupid if I'm going to then go to Paris.

That's all for now I guess... X

P.S. Two skinheads just walked by and no matter what expression you were you can't scare someone whilst wearing flipflops. Sorry. :) x
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photo by: Chokk