August 5th :)

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"Hungry, hungry fucking hungry." I need to go to a cash point today! Last night was fun the swiss neighbours invited me over for liquor which was way too sweet for its own good and Uno. Losing meant i had to buy one of the girls a beer, but i kept quiet about it and i think they forgot. :) Score.

The sleep wasn't too bad, cramped but ok though i woke up a few times i nthe night to the sound of the same mans voice echoing into the night. What the hell he was doign i dont know, but i didnt dare look. I quickly realised how easy it would be to not spend money by discovering a nice long plain baguette for 1.35euro which would be the main source of energy for the week :) (not just one of them i believe i would die)

The swiss lasses awoke a couple hours after me which since they said they were going to the city at 10 i found to be a little bit of a lie. The weather was once again about 30Celcius which my brittle brittish body cannot take i tell you. Had i know this at the time i would have used some sun cream and not burnt myself Raw.

We WALKED to the city centre which is another thing i dont do well, apparently the 2.60euro tram was too expensive. It took about na hour each way and decided to head in about midday when the sun was highest and hottest, my poor pale shoulders. Once in the centee i rpetty much followed the swiss girls around like some kind of lost dog gazing wide eyed at everything we passed. Among the more interesting sites was a coy death and a camera shy batman. Respect to him though, going about his business, fighting crime and all that, the last thing he needs is irritating tourist taking his photo, Not like that Spiderman, who flaunts himself then selling the photo's the devlish slut. He's basically a prostitute. Come to think of it he would fit in better then batman, but i feel i've digressed.

Just about everything in any shop was branded with either a penis or weed. Its funny you seem to get the same reaction here for not having weed that you would get in england for having it.

I caved and ended up eating out in an italiant restaurant which cost 10euro so it wasnt too bad i suppose! the food was lush actually, i think all the more so because i was planning on eating dry bread that night.

I must admit after a while the language barrier got a bit annoying so i gave up on talking to them. It hadn't taken to long to realise they rarely knew what i was saying but politely nodded and smiled anyway.

Also wandering round the city some drunkards called over to me asking me to come and "Jam" with them o ntheir guitars and were quite shocked when i told them i couldn't play. I took this to be because i currently look like the love child of a hippy and a pikey. They decided to serenade us to the tune of a beetles song singing in a blues-jazz style the lyrics "Please give us a dollar for some beers". Since i had no dollars i gavethem a euro :P

hannah-lou says:
Haha, even the rough times can be good.. well in hindsight anyway.
Posted on: Aug 30, 2009
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