6th August - This will get boring i reckon :P

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I was awoken early by the girls wishing to say their goodbyes, which was nice albeit it slightly alarming when my tent started violently shaking. I thought to myself this is it the worlds about to end, then i heard them sweet swiss voices and new everything would be ok haha

I woke up and looked at my ipod seeing the time was 12, i got up and rushed about to get to the city centre and get to the TB meet up. Apparently i hadn't changed the time o nmy ipod and since the battery on my phone had died it was actually 1pm when i got up. I didnt realise until i got to the tram stop and decided to head back to camp half heartedly.

I decided to go into the city about 4 to have a wander and a read and found a lovely bench which was round and slanted, i mactually going to go back there today :P (August 8th) once i have finished the hour i paid for on here. I love my book "the shadow of the wind" it really is beautifully written and i shall be sad to finish it. Around 6 i got a little hungry and went in search of food and found a nice little noodle bar. Prior to this i stumbled naievly into the red light district, i found it fascinating how quickly a beautiful city can change into a place of exploitation and degregation. Though i must admit it makes you feel slightly good walking down a street with ALOT of woman banging on windows hot for my body(money). Whilst i was queing i got a phone call from mike asking if i would like to go for a drink before they went to dinner. I happily agreed and headed ot the station.

I met Mike, Eef and Jessica. They were all very nice people and i was glad to meet them. All in all i had a very short but good experience of a TB meetup. After this i headed back to the noodle bar and had the best noodles i have ever had before going back to camp and haivng an early night :)

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photo by: pearcetoyou