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Short hike to the beach in Newport State Park.

Well day one was dedicated the shopping day.  Which Door County has plenty of shopping opportunities for its guests.  We decide to scope things out and drive the rest of the way up the peninsula to see what type of shopping opportunities there were.  Let me say now, I am not great and just driving and shopping, especially when there are state parks along the way.  So what we designated as shopping day quickly turned into lets just hike to this beach quick.  Then, lets follow this trail for a bit.  Well we did make it back for some shopping but it just seemed to make sense.  We should save on gas, and if we were by some hiking trails now, then rather than driving back tomorrow for our hiking day, we should stop and hike now.  So we did.

Lookout from the county park. short trail.
  With the exception of a few bugs the trails were rather nice.  The second trail at a local county park was just fun.  It was out of the mainstream, along some bluffs, lots of up and down and not the best taken care of.  Meaning you had to climb over some fallen trees which just adds to the fun.  But alas, it was lunch time and we needed to find some nourishment so we grabbed a bit to eat at Egg Harbor and continued our shopping mission.   We did not find much, but if you enjoy knickknacks, lighthouses, antiques, crafts and garden displays, Door County could be heaven.  We couldn't do a lot of shopping outside of those things, but we did enjoy the walks around the different small towns.

     We also made our visit that evening to a few wineries.

Here's the lookout over Green Bay.
  Door County has a lot of cherry stores and cherry orchards, and one great thing about shopping up there is everybody has a free sample of their cheese dip, cherry jelly or whatever else.  We just happen to be not that big of fans of cherries.  However, they are also home to a few wineries.  And we made two stops, Orchard Country Winery and Door County Winery.  Orchard Country was our first stop.  We missed the tours, although it looked like they had a nice set up with a trolley and a good size cherry orchard but we pulled ourselves up to the bar for some wine tasting.  Now I know we are young, and we don't look that old but we were put a little off on a limit of wines to try.  Call us lushes if you'd like but only being able to try six wines, and the bartenders not seeming to give us much attention they probably figured we were not there to spend money.  But we still walked out with two bottles, a blackberry wine and a cranberry/apple wine.  Pretty good, but the blackberry is very sweet.

   The second winery was very popular.  Door County Winery, after walking their shelves and finding the bar, you almost had to fight your way up there.  Why?  Because they had no limit on you samples of wine.  It was great!  We ran into a couple of older ladies (in there 60's) and they told us they come out every Saturday.  The go out to eat, then hit up the wine tasting almost like  they were getting their pre-drink on, and then they go out with their husbands.  These were some fun ladies, and they did not hold back.  Ordering the same drink 4 or 5 times, before finally choosing their purchase for the evening and joining their husbands in the car.  We definitely took some lessons.  This place has Brenda's favorite wine, Razzle Dazzle wich is a rasberry flavored wine and is very good.  But we walked out again with two bottles of "sunset splash" a grape, apple-cherry wine that is a semi-sweet and very good.  We stopped at another small town on the drive back, found some cheese spread and returned to our hotel room with some bottles of wine, pretzals and cheese.  A good finish to the day.



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Short hike to the beach in Newport…
Short hike to the beach in Newpor…
Lookout from the county park.  sho…
Lookout from the county park. sh…
Heres the lookout over Green Bay.
Here's the lookout over Green Bay.
Egg Harbor
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