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One thing about being a first year teacher is the amount of work you need to put in.  Sure, at school you have a prep period (time with no students) and a study hall in which you can work on things, but much of that time is spent researching.  Then at the end of the school day you either are the last one to leave the building (because you've been working a few extra hours) or you leave with everyone else, but take all of your research home so you can put it into a lesson.  Now its about 8:30, maybe 9:00 at night and you've done all this planning, but you still have homework to grade and you still have to say hi to your wife.  Well you know which one is better, sit down with your wife for a short while and soon its time for bed.  So with this system you get to the weekends with loads of homework to grade and again your wife is left trying to entertain herself.  So, Memorial Day weekend has arrived.  It's a three day weekend and marks the opening of the tourist season for Wisconsin.  So as the school day ends that Friday, I leave all school work in a bag in the back of the car that can not come out until Monday, and Brenda and I start our drive up to Apple Creek, in the heart of Door County Wisconsin.  We have plans of swimming, wine tasting, shopping, hiking and of  course some quality lounge time.  So we make the four hour drive from Mukwonago to find our weekend home.

      The drive up was uneventful.  Passing through Sturgeon Bay (town just at the beginning of the peninsula) just at sunset and saw a beautiful sunset.  I wish I had the camera ready to go but as the driver I kept both hands on the wheel, and one eye on the road.  So I'll just need to describe it.  Crossing the bridge onto the peninsula you can look to the east and see the river flowing out towards Lake Michigan, but look to the west and your looking into the bay.  Above the boats and the coastal town was an orange sun throwing all shades of pink, orange across the horizon mixing with the blues of the water and the silhouettes of the sail boats coming back in to harbor.  With no camera it was a definite mental picture moment.

The drive to our hotel was another 45 min into the Peninsula, as it got darker and darker, seeing the white blossoms stand out against the fading light from the cherry trees set a nice relaxing feel that just makes you want to be outside.  Keeping a watchful eye for wildlife kept our car stopping about six inches from a small deer deciding to dart across the slippery road.  Then coming through our small town for the next few days and finding our nice quaint hotel.  After checking in we definitely decide we are staying in the smallest hotel room we have ever stayed in.  It felt smaller than our dorm rooms from college, but we also decided you don't go to Door County to hang out in the hotel room.  So we smiled about it, and prepared for the next day.


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Fish Creek
photo by: ela82