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Prague Castle: the largest Castle on the world

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Prague Castle is the largest castle on the world, with 570 meters in length and 130 meters in width. This castle was built from 7th century, and it was originally used as the palace of Bohemia royal family. Looked far away, light yellow buildings, iron-gray churches, absinthe-green towers and white peaks, bring out the best in each other. Until now, Prague Castle is still the office of the present. The buildings are in different styles, including Romanesque, baroque, Gothic ect, therefore it is also an brilliant gem of architecture.


Mont Saint Michel Castle: Castle on Island

Centered between Normandy and Brittany, Mont Saint Michel Castle is acclaimed as the” key point of interest of the western”. High located on rocky island, it is a prefect combine of history and romance legend. In 708, the bishop of this town was enlightened by Archangel Michel, so he built a chapel so that people can pilgrimage Michel here. The towering peak of the chapel is in gothic style, the golden St Michel sculpture atop holds sword in hand and point to the sky, watching the castle, you will feel you are entering a fairyland.


New Swan Castle: classic fairy tale castle

Located on the Alps, the New Swan Castle is a fairy tale castle in white wall and blue roof. It was built from 1869 and its design is very dramatically for it is from the dream of King of Bavaria. It is said that, the king loved princess Sissi very much. Before he moved into the uncompleted new castle, prince Sissi sent him a porcelain swan to congratulate, therefore he named the castle as New Swan Castle. The king didn’t saw the castle finished in his life. Perhaps, the king never dreamed that the castle was visited by millions of travelers every year.


Brown Castle: bloodsucker castle

Brown Castle is also known as bloodsucker castle, located in Rumania and it was said to be the dwelling of bloodsucker. The castle was originally built by the king of Hungary in 1377, in order to withstand the Turkish as fortification. However, it gradually evolves to be political center integrating military affairs, custom, administration and justice. The Brown Castle was famous for the legend of bloodsucker which attracts approximately 450,000 tourists every year. With audience are increasingly fancy with the horror movie, many film maker are focusing their eye’s on the castle with nickname of Bloodsucker Castle.


Potala Palace: the building gem of Tibet

Located on the peak of the Red Hill, Potala Palace is magnificent building complex which is regarded as brilliant gem of buildings. The king of Tibet, Sontzan Gampo married with princess Wencheng, beauty from Tang Dynasty. He loved the princess very much and built such a magnificent palace for her. The original Potala Palace has 9 storeys with 999 rooms, luxurious and magnificent. Today’s Potala Palace was rebuilt since 17th century. White Palace was built from 1645, while Red Palace was built from 1690. The whole palace was completed in 1693, spending approximately sliver of 2.13 million Liang. Now, the Potala Palace was listed as cultural heritage by the UNSECO, and attracting more and more tourists from home and abroad.

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