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Verona Italy: Keeping watch the Balcony of Juliet

Gorgeous and charming Verona is one of the most ancient cities. Verona was famous for Romeo and Juliet, the classic work by Shakespeare. As the hometown of Romeo and Juliet, Verona naturally to be the love venue worshipped by young persons.


The former residence of Juliet is located in the city center, with the bronze lifelike statue, exuding tenderness and love through her eyes. Due to the legend said that touching the right breast of the statue would bring beautiful love, the right breast of the statues are especially bright.


On the left of the statue is the marble balcony charmed by young lovers, at which Romeo and Juliet date with. Now it is written fully by blessing words of love.


In addition, the cemetery of Juliet is one the popular attractions in Verona, which is said to be the secret wedding venue of Romeo and Juliet. Every year, many lovers come here from all around the world to hold wedding here in order to show their will to protect their true love.


Obidos Portugal: the Wedding City

Located at 100 kilometers north of Lisbon, Obidos is the world-famous” wedding City”, which has been the wedding present sending by king of Portugal to his bride, hence its romantic name” wedding City”.


1282, Dom Afonso Henriques wrenched the village from the Moors he offered Obidos as a wedding gift to his beloved Isabel. It was the private estate of queens of Portugal until 1834. At present, city wall, cobblestone alley and medieval style old town make Obidos the most romantic venue in Portugal and attracts numerous lovers make Obidos as the starting point of their eternal marriage.


Casablanca Morocco: the classic white city

Casablanca was derived from the Spanish which means” white house”. Casablanca is the largest city of Morocco and the white city was famous for the movie Casablanca.  


In the period of flames of war burning and bullets flying around, hope and despair coexisted. Love and ideal were especially firm in the disordered city. Facing with death, all the kind and enmity disappeared, leaving love as the eternal pursuit.


Provence France: Purple Knight Love

Provence is the” Knight City” of Europe, and derived its nickname from the movie Horseman on the Roof, telling a romantic love story between an Italian Knight and the beautiful girl Bolina. Riding around the vast land of Provence, they are free, relaxed and happy.


In early summer, Provence is a charming kingdom of lavender. It is said that a flower girl came across an injured young man. She rescued him and fell in love with him later. But their true love was opposed by her family. Before eloping with the young man to his hometown with roses, she checked up her lover’s heart by traditional method by throwing lavenders to the young man, suddenly, purple film rise and the young man disappeared. Later, the girl also disappeared with the purple film.


Provence attracts numerous young lovers by its romantic love legend.


Stratford UK: hometown of Shakespeare

The tranquil Stratford is famous for Shakespeare who was worshiped by young loved for his beautiful and touching love novels. The enchanting town was the birthplace of the great author, and it is the town that gave Shakespeare inspirations to create moving love stories.


The former residence of Shakespeare’s wife is located nearby green bosk, remaining the same decorations as its original pattern. It is in the backrest davenport near the stove where the couple told their inner love feelings.  


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