Top Five Enchanting World Pedestrian Street

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Top 1: New York Fifth Avenue USA

Elected reason: integrating all the essence of Manhattan, Attracting tourists flock into here

Located in the center of Manhattan, the New York Fifth Avenue collects the American most top brand jewelries, costumes, cosmetics and stores. At the southernmost avenue that are the famous New York University and Greenwich Village, where is permeated with literary atmosphere, with authors, painters, actors and artists all like living here. The most ancient New York opera house is just located here. The restaurants and bars scattered around are always the first choice of most well-cultivated persons.


Top 2: Champs-Elysees

Elected reason: the soul of Paris

Champs-Elysees Avenue split Paris into South and North, connecting to Triumphal Arch in the West and Consonancy Square in the East, the whole span was 1880 meters. This avenue was originally watery low-lying area. In 17th Louis XIV ordered to beautify this area with trees and flowers, making here to be the forbidden zone only for royal family. After expanded, the avenue is about in the length of 1 kilometer. In 1709 it was named as Champs-Elysees, meaning idyllic pleasant land.


Top 3: Oxford Street Britain

Elected reason: collecting 300 world-famous stores, the fist shopping street in Britain

Being the first shopping street, the Oxford Street attracts more than 30million tourists flocking into here from all around the world. It was the shopping center of the western London, gathering together more than 300 world famous shopping mall along the 1.25 miles street. Oxford Street is also the main street for transportation with 50 buses running through here within every hour. The 4 subways here make a clear path for its prosperous commerce.


Top 4: Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Elected reason: shopping paradise

The Causeway Bay is the paradise for buying clothes in vogue. The rent is the third highest all over the world just following the New York Fifth Avenue and Champs-Elysees in France. Top brands clustering around here will dazzle you. What’s more, you can find both the cheapest and the most expensive in the tiny area. Luckily enough, you will come across the world famous superstar and beautiful Miss Hong Kong.


Top 5: Vienna Kenlton Street Austria

Elected reason: coexisting of modern and ancient architectures

Coexisting of modern and ancient architectures, the Vienna Kenlton Street clearly illustrates that the traditional are respected but the fashion are blooming and overtaking. The most famous opera house, Vienna National Opera House is located here. The street is in the shape of U, hence its nickname” golden U”. Seated in centre zone, Stephansdom Church is the largest and most important church in Vienna. The pedestrian street covers the shopping area of 53,400 square meters, and has the annual sale can reach 400 million.


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