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Today is my first day home alone!  Eeek!  I was a bit depressed as it was hitting me that I am not going back to the US anytime soon....this is to be expected some from everything I read.  It's ok as I will get it figured out and find my groove, especially after all my stuff arrives which should be in July sometime. 

I goofed around on the computer, did laundry, and cleaned the apartment some.  Domestication 101!  The day went pretty slow but finally Brett was home from work and we headed out right away to the new Sogo in the Tien Mu district (which is known as the Expat area).  The Sogo is a big shopping/department store chain that features the City Super Market we like and the best...Din Tai Fung dumpling house!  The new Sogo opened only a couple weeks prior so it was super crowded just trying to get to the parking lot. 

Once inside, the Din Tai Fung didn't have the usual hour plus wait - they told us 30-45mins.  SWEET!  We wandered through City Super a bit to check ingredients since I had this "great" idea we were going to do Greek week and cook all Greek food recipes.  My first stop was to check for Feta cheese which was hella expensive but at least they had it. 

We went to check on our line progress and they had a small table open up so they took us early - we still had 11 numbers to go per the board.  YEAH!  Although it still awesome food, I think I like our other Din Tai Fung better - the tables are more private and you don't feel like you are on display as much. 

We hurried to get through the grocery shopping as fast as we could and then headed to another store and then we were on our way home at 11pm.  Long day!

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photo by: Deats