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Oh boy! It was a little after 10am and already blazing hot outside! As we were leaving our apartment Brett stopped by the management office since they were open to find out when the pool was going to open.  We took this apartment over others because the pool was scheduled to be open the longest (May - September) and now the guy is saying it may not open at all.  WHAT? Apparently it is expensive to run pools here so they are sending a questionaire to the owners to see whether they want to pay for it to open.  I sincerely doubt they will and we are not very happy given I will be here the whole summer now with no pool!  Grrrrrrrr.  I took a couple pics of the grounds and we were headed off to shop!

We took the MRT to Taipei Main Station and hung out in the underground mall there.

  I was blown away by how big the area was and how many shops were there.  Many things were not open because it was still early but we wandered around down a few rows. 

Next we headed to the DIY street - craft stores here are called DIY stores.  There is a whole street basically devoted to them and their main concentration is on bead making.  The first place was this giant bead store which was bigger than many places I have seen in the US!  Next stop was Mama Bear's which was more of a general craft store with crochet, cross stitch, bead making, and a few scrapbooking supplies.  I took a lot of pictures of the craft store offerings as my Mom has a business so I wanted her to see all the stuff available here.  I managed to spend some money in both stores.

.....stamps and other scrapbooking supplies.  :D 

Next stop was headed to Taipei 101 to grab some lunch, take advantage of the air conditioning, and wander around until we were meeting up with his co-workers at Gordon Biersch for dinner at 6pm.  It would be my first American place since I had been in Taiwain! LOL. 

Taipei 101 shopping is definitely more high end - lots of name brand stores and a beautiful food court area.  We found a place called Shanghai Dumplings so we had lunch there which was excellent.  Din Tai Fung is still slightly above but the food here was really good.  We tried some other things besides dumplings which were excellent as well. 

Next we headed off to some nearby shopping areas I think were called NY NY and the Warner Center.

  Across the street was the last day of a computer expo so the whole area was packed and several companies had booths set up with spokeswomen promoting products which was drawing quite a crowd. 

After wandering that area we headed to the Shin Kong (probably spelled that wrong) shopping plaza where the restaurant was.  This was an interesting shopping area as I believe there were 11 different buildings that had shopping.  And I found a MAC counter in one of them. YEAH! I don't have to buy all my cosmetics back in the US and bring them over.  WHEW!  It was an interesting store as they were like little boutiques with separate counters and check out areas.  I am figuring out though fashion is not cheap here.  I saw several outfits that were several hundred US dollars and I have to wonder how well all these places do.


While walking through this area, we sat and watched a commercial of some type being filmed.  They went over and over and over again before finally changing models.  Neither of the women they were using would make me buy the product they were selling though!  After some more people watching, we stopped by Starbucks.  They have coffees with jelly in them - yeah! Like a Boba in your Starbucks! LOL. 

It was time to meet up with Brett's coworkers and we headed off to Gordon Biersch.  They were running a special - buy any entree and beers are buy one, get one free.  YEAH!  That made up for the insane cost of the food there!  I know they are not cheap in the US but $10 US for a chicken sandwich is brutal!  We had a nice evening though and then said our good byes before hopping in a cab and heading back here to the apartment...gotta get a good night sleep so we can get up early and run errands.  Costco tomorrow and that is an experience unlike any other! LOL

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photo by: Deats