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After our long day in Central Taiwan, we opted to head into the city for dinner since we had nothing at home defrosted or ready to cook.  Normally we do not drive into the city but given how late it was, we were running the risk of some restaurants being closed if we dropped the car at home and took the MRT back into town. 

There is a Sichuan place that Brett likes and has been wanting to take me too.  We found it and there was ample parking in the public lots nearby.  We walked over to the restaurant, which was still rather busy at 8:30pm on a Sunday. Given that the restaurant was super small, not surprised. 

As we were walking in, I caught the sign on the door that said no photos.  Drat!  But thanks to the invent of the cell phone camera, we were good to go! :D Now, I just have to actually get Brett to download the photos! HAHA Brett said Kiki is owned by some local TV star or something which is probably why they request no photographs.


Dinner was good but HOT.  We ordered a minced pork with chive and fermented black beans, ginger beef, a chili peanut chicken, and corn with green peppers.  The corn was incredible - almost like it was sweet roasted.  We pigged out and didn't quite finish everything.  My throat was still on fire when we left and I remembered there was a little dessert place near where we parked. :D

We got to the dessert place and they specialized in mung bean and barley products.  They were pretty busy and we decided to stop.  Sadly, no English menu but we pointed to the picture and ordered what most people did.  It was like a jelly, mung bean pearl soup.  Slightly sweet and certainly refreshing....definitely took the burn away!

azsalsa says:
mmm mmm good! looks almost like watery oatmeal!
Posted on: Jul 13, 2009
PhinsAndGills says:
That sounds really good!
Posted on: Jul 13, 2009
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photo by: Deats