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Oh boy! We were up early so we headed out to the Neihu area which is where Costco is.  There are other home type stores there so we decided to just stay in the area and see what we find.  Our first stop was the electronics store.  Our landlord had told us these big yellow stores are good for electronics/appliances so we decided to check it out.  We saw quite a number of things we wanted, a new flat screen monitor for me, bigger LCD TV, and a mini laptop!  :-)  We ended up buying a bigger grill and a Korean bbq type cooker and took notes on quite a number of things we were interested in, but I want to check the electronics district before we drop money on a monitor and such.

Next stop was the big dept store across the street - they had one floor devoted to home decor items which was rather fun to peruse!  We needed a shower curtain as the yellow thing in the guest bed was hideous!  We bought a couple small floor rugs/mats for the kitchen/dining area which were definitely needed.

  Lots of other fun things but I tried to refrain! LOL. 

Upstairs was wholly devoted to furniture which we didn't need so we wandered to the basement floor which turned out to be like the Home Depot!  It is called B&Q and very much like a Home Depot or Lowe's.  Very happy to see that!  We found a few Pooh mats that Brett insisted we get for the apartment (really he did) and we were off. 

I was starving by this time and did not think any food places would be around so we opted to grab a bite at the cafe place inside the shopping plaza.  Fortunately, she spoke enough English to communicate with us.  I ordered a curry and I forget the name of what Brett ordered - it was a Korean type dish.  The food was good although Brett did not really like his since it had seaweed in it (he never mentioned otherwise I would've switched with him).

Next was the hellish trip...Costco!  We opted to go park closer which was a good idea (once we passed the 20 minute wait to find parking) as we ended up making two trips out.  Our first trip completely filled the giant cart with household items - baking dishes, Pyrex bowls, cookware, wine glasses, a blender/food processor, new knives, and then sodas, water, etc.  We were loaded down!  Next trip in Costco was a nightmare.....PACKED.  Absolutely completely wall to wall people...I am hoping we can make this trip over there only once every three months or so!  We bought a ton of meat which I figured we would freeze with our new vacuum packer.  We bought bacon, rib eye steaks, pork chops, ground pork, pork tenderloin, halibut steaks and sea bass.

  All pretty expensive but not when you figure the size packages we bought.  Not looking forward to having to prepare all of it but it would be worth it down the line! :-)

Not sure how we managed but we got everything in the car and made our way home. I was so incredibly exhausted and not looking forward to bringing all this stuff upstairs nor having to put it away.  I had to take some pics of the car and the house as we brought all this stuff in because I couldn't believe that we actually fit all the stuff in the car in the first place! LOL

And thank heaven...we now can get rid of the awful yellow shower curtain in the guest bathroom! HA HA

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photo by: Deats