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After a little too much fun at the wine event, it was a little brutal to wake up early so we could drive down to Linkou to Brett's open house event.  His work had planned a family day so people could see the building, learn more about the company, and then enjoy some lunch and team building exercises. 

I got to meet a number of his coworkers and bosses which was really nice.  Everyone was very friendly and made me feel very welcome here.  After taking a quick tour of the building, we made our way to the cafeteria where they started with a magician show for the kids.  The food they brought in was hysertical - KFC!  I had not had KFC in a long time so it was funny to see the fried chicken buckets!  What was more interesting was the lack of traditional sides they brought!  Sides included various containers of local soups, and there were some side salads.

  No mashed potatoes and cole slaw! LOL. I am actually curious if the KFC sells cole slaw and mashed potatoes out here...will have to check that one out!  :-)

They also had pizzas which were very different than what I was used to.  I opted to try a seafood piece just to see how it was and yeah, not so much a fan of that.  Brett had a vegetable type one which had some pretty hot peppers.  For dessert, I tried this custard type tart thing which was good.  But then we had more dessert! LOL.  They brought around these ice cream bars - I had red bean and Brett had mango.  Yummy! 

Then it was time for the team building exercises...Brett got volunteered! He had to do some memory type game and then this hilarious balloon war.

  I wish I had taken a video of these guys dancing around trying to stomp out balloons on their opposition's ankles.  Lastly, there was a relay type race and Brett, oh Brett.  He got stuck doing this part where you run around a pole with your head down 5 times and then try to walk a straight line.  I was dizzy just watching him! Sadly, his team came in last place and it was time to start saying goodbye to everyone.

As we were leaving, I spotted something of major interest - bubble teas!  They brought in some bubble teas - it was much different than those I had in the past as this had rice type particles and other things besides the jelly and tapioca balls.  We tried it and it was rather delicious! 

After we left his facility, we drove around the science park area there and other parts of Linkou.  Since we had nowhere to be, we just decided to take a drive up the coast and see where we ended up before heading back to our apartment. 

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photo by: poohstanggt