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I have arrived!  After the 4 hour delay taking off in SFO we ended up landing not too far behind schedule.  However it was late enough that Brett would end up having to work at home since it would probably be noon by the time we got home.  Breezed through customs with my new Visa and all our luggage arrived safe and sound!  Sadly, Brett did not charge his Taiwan cell phone and it proved to be a bit of a challenge to call the off site parking shuttle.  He kept trying to use the free chargers in the airport but it wouldn't engage.  After several times of subtle suggestions, he finally took my advice and asked the lady working at the Duty Free Customer Service desk.  She called for us and minutes later, the van arrived.

  (See, there is an upside to asking for help men!)

The off site parking was a bit different than I was used to.  You drop the car off and they park it for you and bring it when you arrive.  The lot was underground and typical with lots here, super small spaces!  It looks like they offer a car wash service too which Brett probably should've taken advantage of! LOL

We headed on our way and we passed several Betel Nut stands where they actually had the Betel Nut girls.  That is my pastime in the car now - I check for the scantly clad women in the Betel Nut stands as we drive along the highway.  It keeps me from freaking out about the horrid driving habits of the locals here! :-) Well, being the road from the airport, we found a number of stands, one of the best called "D Cup".  Wow.  I was able to snap a few pics of the girls and the booths but they aren't great as I was using my point and shoot rather than the SLR. 

After arriving home, the weather started to turn a bit cruddy and Brett decided to stay in and work while I tried to catch up on some emails and other stuff.  We decided to cook rather than go out so we used what stuff was around the house and made spaghetti with sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, and fresh garlic.  Yum!

Tomorrow would be the venture to the grocery store....bleeeech! But it also means a dinner at Din Tai Fung! :-)

karenting says:
Din Tai Fung is great!!! :)
Posted on: Oct 31, 2010
dothoin says:
great blog Erin
Posted on: Mar 18, 2010
pensacolapyro says:
Great blog, I enjoyed it. Maybe I will get over that way sometime. I have another friend from Arizona that lives somewhere over there and has invited me several times...:) He has been there 6 years and loves it.
Posted on: Jul 13, 2009
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