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I found old town to be rather "blue."
After a long, sleepless, 8 hr flight, I ventured out into the beautiful city of Zurich. The light breeze and 78 degree weather was absolutely lovely and was exactly what I needed! I toured "old town" and visited a few of the high lights in the city and after completing half of the walking tour, decided to settle into a nice cafe situated in the beautifully historic section of "old town". As I sipped my espresso, I thought of my mom. She would have enjoyed this city. It's just large enough to see something besides the typical "main street" and small enough to walk around and see the major sites in a day. It tends to be known more for it's skiing resorts, but those who skip the downtown area of Zurich, truly skip out on a gem.

Zurich is really a beautiful city, brimming with history and mingled with modern conveniences. I was amazed at how time efficient and clean everything is. The streets are filled with trams, bicycles and cars but a lot of people (more than 1/2) travel via bicycle or tram. The main river that flows through the center of Zurich is unbelievably clear. (It reminded me of the Mediterranean.) I was especially surprised because Zurich is such a large city. (If only we could use their cleaning methods in Lake Michigan!!)

I was so glad that I decided to get out into the city during my long layover. It was an absolutely beautiful day and walking around helped me feel a bit more human. (I had been traveling for 14 hrs when we landed and had been up for nearly 24 hrs. I had a very difficult time sleeping on the flight from O'Hare to Zurich, partly because the plane felt hot and partly because my butt went numb sometime around hour 3 into the flight!) :)
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I found old town to be rather blu…
I found old town to be rather "bl…
fountain face
fountain face
Grandma didnt speak a word of Eng…
Grandma didn't speak a word of En…
old town
old town
St Peter Kirche
St Peter Kirche
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